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Foundations of Program Evaluation : Theories of Practice

Foundations of Program Evaluation : Theories of Practice - 91 edition

Foundations of Program Evaluation : Theories of Practice - 91 edition

ISBN13: 9780803953017

ISBN10: 0803953011

Foundations of Program Evaluation : Theories of Practice by William R. Shadish - ISBN 9780803953017
Edition: 91
Copyright: 1991
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.
International: No
Foundations of Program Evaluation : Theories of Practice by William R. Shadish - ISBN 9780803953017

ISBN13: 9780803953017

ISBN10: 0803953011

Edition: 91

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Foundations of Program Evaluation heralds a thorough exploration of the field of program evaluation--looking back on its origins, the accumulated experiences of evaluators and their profound influences on the development of the field. By summarizing, comparing, and contrasting the work of seven major theorists of program evaluation, this book provides an important perspective on the current state of evaluation theory and provides suggestions for ways of improving its practice. Beginning in Chapter Two, the authors develop a conceptual framework to analyze how successfully each theory meets the specific criteria of its framework. Each subsequent chapter is devoted to the presentation of the theoretical and practical advice of a significant theorist--Michael Scriven, Donald Campbell, Carol Weiss, Joseph Wholey, Robert Stake, Lee Cronbach, and Peter Rossi. An evaluation and critique of each theorist's work is included using the framework established in the second chapter. The concluding chapter summarizes the areas of agreement and disagreement between these influential theorists, and offers future directions for a new theory of program evaluation.

Foundations of Program Evaluation is essential reading for scholars, students, practicing evaluators, and policy makers in psychology, education, mental health, job training, public health, and anyone else interested in constructing theories of social program evaluation.

Author Bio

Shadish, William R. : The University of Memphis

Cook, Thomas D. : Northwestern University

Leviton, Laura C. : University of Alabama at Birmingham

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

1. Social Program Evaluation: Its History, Tasks, and Theory
2. Good Theory for Social Program Evaluation

II. Stage One Theories: Bringing Truth to Social Problem Solving

3. Michael S. Scriven: The Science of Valuing
4. Donald T. Campbell: Methodologist of the Experimenting Society

III. Stage Two Theories: Generating Alternatives Emphasizing Use and Pragmatism

5. Carol H. Weiss: Linking Evaluation to Policy Research
6. Joseph S. Wholey: Evaluation for Program Improvement
7. Robert E. Stake: Responsive Evaluation and Qualitative Methods

IV. Stage Three Theories: Trying to Integrate the Past

8. Lee J. Cronbach: Functional Evaluation Design for a World of Political Accommodation
9. Peter H. Rossi: Comprehensive, Tailored, Theory-Driven Evaluations--A Smorgasbord of Options

V. Conclusions

10. Summary and Implications for Evaluation Theory and Practice