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French Cinema Book

French Cinema Book - 04 edition

French Cinema Book - 04 edition

ISBN13: 9781844570126

ISBN10: 1844570126

French Cinema Book by Michael Temple and Michael Witt - ISBN 9781844570126
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: British Film Institute
International: No
French Cinema Book by Michael Temple and Michael Witt - ISBN 9781844570126

ISBN13: 9781844570126

ISBN10: 1844570126

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 04

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'The French Cinema Book is an accessible and innovative survey of key topics in French cinema from the 1890s to the 21st century.

The French Cinema Book proposes new insights into familiar areas and sets out a fresh agenda for the study and appreciation of French cinema:

  • 'Who are the men and women who have made French cinema happen?'
  • 'What is the business culture in which French cinema has evolved?'
  • 'How has technological change effected artistic and commercial innovation?'
  • 'What have been the most popular and the most experimental forms?'
  • 'What has French cinema shown us of France, its society, its citizens, its concerns?'
  • 'How has the spectator's experience of film-going changed in the last 100 years?'
  • 'How have debates about film reflected cinema's unique place in French culture?'

The book combines historical context and background information with detailed discussion of case-studies, analysis of films, recommendations for further reading and resources to use.

The French Cinema Book is addressed to all lovers of French cinema, students and teachers, specialists and fans.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

PART ONE: 1890-1930 Introduction: Hello Cinema! Michael Temple and Michael Witt

1. PEOPLE: The Men And Women Who Made French Cinema Richard Abel
2. BUSINESS: A Re-Examination Of Key Milestones In The Development Of The Industry Michelle Millar
3. TECHNOLOGY: The Drive To Mechanisation And Digitisation Alison McMahan
4. FORMS: The Shifting Boundaries Of Art and Industry Ian Christie
5. REPRESENTATIONS: Mutability And Fixity In Early French Cinema Vicki Callahan
6. SPECTATORS: The Cinemising Process: Filmgoing In The Silent Era Elizabeth Ezra
7. DEBATES: Thinking About Cinema: First Waves Monica Dall'Asta Further Reading 1890-1930

PART TWO: 1930-1960 Introduction: Classicism and Conflict Michael Temple and Michael Witt

8. PEOPLE: Migration And Exile In The Classical Period Alastair Phillips
9. BUSINESS: Anarchy And Order In The Classic Cinema Industry Colin Crisp
10. TECHNOLOGY: Imported Technologies In French Film-Making Charles O'Brien
11. FORMS: The Art Of Spectacle: The Aesthetics Of Classical French Cinema Ginette Vincendeau
12. REPRESENTATIONS: The Geography and Topography Of French Cinema Keith Reader
13. SPECTATORS: The Golden Age Of Spectatorship Gregory Sims
14. DEBATES: Critical Debate And The Construction Of Society Christopher Faulkner Further Reading 1930-1960

PART THREE: 1960-2004 Introduction: A New World Michael Temple and Michael Wit

15. PEOPLE: The Other Auteurs: Producers, Cinematographers, And Scriptwriters Alison Smith
16. BUSINESS: A Certain Idea Of The Film Industry Laurent Creton and Anne Jackel
17. TECHNOLOGY: From Images Of The World To The World Of Images Laurent Jullier and Lucy Mazdon
18. FORMS: For It Is The Critical Faculty That Invents Fresh Forms Nicole Brenez
19. REPRESENTATIONS: Parisian Images And National Transformations Naomi Greene
20. SPECTATORS: The Decline, Fall, And Rebirth In Cinemagoing Sue Harris
21. DEBATES: The Exercise Has Been Useful, Monsieur Daney James Williams Further Reading 1960-2004
Selected On-Line Resources
Further Reading on Films and Film People
List of Illustrations