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From Idea to Essay

From Idea to Essay - 11th edition

From Idea to Essay - 11th edition

ISBN13: 9780618917853

ISBN10: 0618917853

From Idea to Essay by Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell and Anthony Winkler - ISBN 9780618917853
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 11TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Longman, Inc.
International: No
From Idea to Essay by Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell and Anthony Winkler - ISBN 9780618917853

ISBN13: 9780618917853

ISBN10: 0618917853

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 11TH 06

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One of the most successful all-inclusive rhetorics on the market, this classic distinguishes itself with a story, poem, and photo writing assignment in each modes chapter.

This systematic rhetoric/reader/handbook carefully leads the student through the process of essay writing. It provides numerous sample readings-imaginative literature as well as the essay-and specific guidelines on how to approach each rhetorical mode, writing assignments, and both student and professional models of completed assignments. In addition to covering nine rhetorical modes, the text includes a complete unit on the research paper and a comprehensive handbook section. Prereading, prewriting, and writing exercises throughout offer guidance in the fundamentals of reading and writing.


  • All chapters in Part II, ''Writing the Essay,'' follow the same pedagogical structure:
  • ''Reading for Ideas,'' including both a short story and a poem.
  • ''How to Write,'' analyzing a writing assignment, professional model and a student model.
  • ''Alternate Readings,'' exploring current issues.
  • Additional Writing Assignments, including a rewriting task .
  • Photo writing assignments.
  • Part IV, ''The Research Paper,'' is divided into two chapters, on researching and documenting the paper, and includes two student research papers written in MLA and APA documentation styles.
  • Part V, ''A Handbook,'' includes exercises with answers at the back, providing students immediate feedback for self-grading.
  • Unique coverage of sentence-combining in Chapter 3 shows students how to put together ideas in compound or complex sentences.
  • ''Student Tip'' boxes offer practical advice, directly from students, on how they completed a particular assignment.
  • ''Writing Tip'' boxes offer guidance from the authors on how to get more out of the writing process.
  • The comprehensive apparatus includes, after each reading, a list of vocabulary words, review questions, and writing assignments based on the selection.
  • A thoroughly revised Instructor's Manual accompanies the text.

New To This Edition

  • A new Chapter two on Critical Thinking, Reading, and Seeing teaches students how to evaluate ideas and images they are sure to encounter in everyday world.
  • The discussion of the research paper is split into two chapters, the first dealing with the conventions of research writing, the second with the protocol of documentation.
  • The chapter on argumentation includes a cluster of readings about same-sex marriage, with pro, con, and neutral statements.
  • Fifteen new readings are included, main­taining a balance of both old favorites that are often anthologized and works by new writers seldom found in books of this kind. Some additions will be immediately recognizable to instructors; others will come as a sur­prise. New pieces were chosen from users' suggestions and confirmed by the authors' estimate of their usefulness in generating discussion and serving as stimulating models to student writers.
  • A new feature, Internet Research Assignment, gives students an assignment to write an essay based on research they do on the Internet.
  • Updated Photo Writing Assignments can be found in the rhetorical modes chapters.
  • The entire text has been edited to simplify the vo­cabulary of the authors' explanations.