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Gender and Sport

Gender and Sport - 01 edition

Gender and Sport - 01 edition

ISBN13: 9780415259538

ISBN10: 0415259533

Gender and Sport by Shelia Scranton and Anne  Eds. Flintoff - ISBN 9780415259538
Edition: 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Routledge N. Y.
International: No
Gender and Sport by Shelia Scranton and Anne  Eds. Flintoff - ISBN 9780415259538

ISBN13: 9780415259538

ISBN10: 0415259533

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The Gender and Sport:A Reader brings together influential articles that confront and illuminate issues of gender and sexuality in sport and includes pieces from many of the worlds leading figures in the sociology of sport. Representing a guide to key contemporary debates in the subject, the book closely examines the relationship between gender and sport in the context of, theoretical developments within sport feminism, the history of sport, the media, race and culture, sexuality, bodies, physicality and power, concepts of masculinity, policy and politics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Section One:Theorising Gender

1. The Discourse of Gender and Sport:From Femininity to Feminism, M.A. Hall
2. Just Do ---- What? Sport, Bodies, Gender, S. Dworking and M. Messner
3. Sport Feminism:The Contribution of Feminist Thought to Our Understandings of Gender and Sport, S. Scranton and A. Flintoff

Section Two:Historical Developments- The Engendering of Sport

4. The Victorian Cult of the Family and the Early Years of Female Sport, J. Hargreaves
5. Women and Football- A Contradiction? The Beginnings of Women's Football in Four European Countries, G. Pfister, S. Scranton, and K. Fasting

Section Three:The Media and Representation

6. Denial of Power in Televised Women's Sports, M. Duncan and C. Hasbrook
7. Catching Up with the Men? Finnish Newspaper Coverage of Women's Entry Into Traditionally Male Sports, R. Pirinen

Section Four:'Race' and Ethnicity

8. Dynamics of 'Race', Gender and the Concept of 'Difference', M. Maynard
9. Connecting Ethnicity, Gender, and Physicality:Muslim Pakistani Women, Physical Activity and Health, S. Wray
10. Sport, Masculinity and Black Cultural Resistance, B. Carrington

Section Five:Men Masculinities

11. The Men and The Boys, R.W. Connell
12. Fraternal Bonding in the Locker Room:A Profeminist Analysis of Talk About Competition and Women, I. Curry

Section Six: Sexualities

13. Changing the Game:Homophobia, Sexism, and Lesbians in Sport, P. Griffin
14. Outlaws in Sport and Education? Exploring the Sporting and Education Experiences of Lesbian Physical Education Teachers, G. Clarke

Section Seven:Bodies, Physicality and Power

15. The Embodiment of Gender:Discipline, Domination and Empowerment, D. Whitson
16. Collapsing Gender in Competitive Bodybuilding:Researching the Contradictions and Ambiguity in Sport, C. Obel
17. Men Loving Men Hating Women- The Crisis of Masculinity and Violence to Women in Sport, C. Brackenridge

Section Eight:Policies and Politics

18. International Women and Sport Policies, M. Talbot
19. Challenges to the Gendered Space of Sport:Women's Ice Hockey and the Struggle for Legitimacy, N. Theberge