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Geography Coloring Book

Geography Coloring Book - 3rd edition

Geography Coloring Book - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780131014725

ISBN10: 0131014722

Geography Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit - ISBN 9780131014725
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
Geography Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit - ISBN 9780131014725

ISBN13: 9780131014725

ISBN10: 0131014722

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 3RD 03
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This unique educational tool introduces learners to the countries of the world and the states of the United States. Through active participation, coloring the maps, users gain a broad understanding of the material--and retain that understanding. Each section begins with a plate containing a political map, a physical map, and regional maps. World Thematic Maps consist of eleven global maps covering climate, rainfall, temperatures, prevailing winds, ocean currents, vegetation, land use, population, racial distribution, languages, and religions--presenting a global view of human activity. Flags and Review of Nations groups flags of the world according to continents, with the illustration of the flag placed close to the country of origin. For children of all ages--and their parents--who could benefit from a colorful "crash course"--or "refresher"--in geography, and an enjoyable and informative guide to a greater understanding of the world around them.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How to Use and Color This Book.
A Glossary of Geographical Terminology.


1. The Hemispheres and Earth Zones.
2. Continental Activity.


3. The Countries.
4. The Physical Land.
5. Canada and Greenland.
6. United States.
7. Northeastern United States.
8. Southeastern United States.
9. Southcentral United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
10. Northcentral United States.
11. Western United States,
12. Mexico and Central America.
13. West Indies.


14. The Countries.
15. The Physical Land.
16. Northern Countries and Brazil.
17. Andean Countries, River Plate Countries.


18. The Countries
19. The Physical Land.
20. Northern Europe.
21. Western Europe.
22. Central Europe.
23. Southeastern Europe I.
24. Southeastern Europe II.
25. Eastern Europe I.
26. Eastern Europe II.
27. Eastern Europe III and Asia.


28. The Countries.
29. The Physical Land.
30. Asia: Middle East I.
31. Asia: Middle East II.
32. Southern Asia.
33. Eastern Asia.
34. Southeastern Asia.


35. Oceania I.
36. Oceania II.


37. The Countries.
38. The Physical Land.
39. Northern Africa.
40. Western Africa.
41. Central Africa.
42. Eastern Africa.
43. Southern Africa.


44. The Arctic, The Antarctic.


45. Persian Empire, Alexander the Great.
46. Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire.
47. Islamic Empire, Ottoman Empire.
48. Mongol Empire, Mogul Empire.


49. Introduction, Flags and Review of North America.
50. Flags and Review of the West Indies, Flags and Review of South America.
51. Flags and Review of Europe.
52. Flags and Review of Africa.
53. Flags and Review of Asia.
54. Flags and Review of Oceania.


55. World Climate Regions.
56. Annual Rainfall.
57. Regional Temperature.
58. Prevailing Winds.
59. Major Ocean Currents.
60. Natural Vegetation Regions.
61. Major Use of Land.
62. Population Distribution.
63. Racial Distribution.
64. Major Official Languages.
65. Major Religions.


66. Largest Nations Compared by Area.
67. Largest Nations Compared by Population.


Geographical Dictionary.
Review and Quiz.

Other Editions of Geography Coloring Book

Geography Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit - ISBN 9780321032812