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Global Marketing

Global Marketing - 2nd edition

Global Marketing - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780618659531

ISBN10: 0618659536

Global Marketing by Kate Gillespie, Jean-Pierre Jeannet and H. David Hennessey - ISBN 9780618659531
Edition: 2ND 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Global Marketing by Kate Gillespie, Jean-Pierre Jeannet and H. David Hennessey - ISBN 9780618659531

ISBN13: 9780618659531

ISBN10: 0618659536

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Created specifically for undergraduate students, this concise text covers the essential concepts of global marketing with the aid of extensive real-life examples and cases. Global Marketing offers balanced coverage of developed and developing markets, including insights into the often-overlooked markets of Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Written with the student in mind, the Second Edition features comprehensive coverage of current topics based on the authors' extensive research and consulting experience. An early introduction to culture and marketing prepares students to integrate cultural analysis throughout the course. A chapter dedicated to the understanding of global and local competitors sets the stage for ongoing discussion of both buyers and competitors in an increasingly competitive global market.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Global Marketing

The Development of Global Marketing
The Importance of Global Marketing
Organization of This Book

I. Understanding the Global Marketing Environment
2. The Global Economy

International Trade: An Overview
The Basic Theories of World Trade: Absolute, Comparative, and Competitive Advantage
Global Outsourcing
Balance of Payments
International Agencies for Promoting Economic and Monetary Stability
Protectionism and Trade Restrictions
Economic Integration as a Means of Promoting Trade
The Globalization Controversy

3. Cultural and Social Forces

A Definition of Culture
The Family
Attitudes Toward Time
The Hofstede Measures of Culture
Language and Communication
Overcoming the Language Barrier
Adapting to Cultural Differences

4. Political and Regulatory Climate

Host Country Political Climate
Host Government Actions
Home Country Political Forces
Legal Environments
Regulatory Change
Political Risk Assessment
Managing Political Risk
Global Marketing and Terrorism

II. Analyzing Global Opportunities
5. Global Markets

Understanding Markets and Buyers
The Consumer Market
Business Markets
Government Markets

6. Global Competitors

The Globalization of Competition
Cultural Attitudes Toward Competition
Home Country Actions and Global Competitiveness
Competition from Emerging Markets
The Country of Origin Advantage

7. Global Marketing Research

The Scope of International Marketing Research
Challenges in Planning International Research
The Research Process
Utilizing Secondary Data
Analysis by Inference
Collecting Primary Data
Outsourcing Research
Comparing Studies Across Cultures
Analytic Techniques
Outsourcing Research
Studying the Competition
Developing a Global Information System

III. Developing Global Participation Strategies
8. Global Market Participation

Internationalizing Marketing Operations
Evaluating National Markets
Geographic Market Choices
Country Selection

9. Global Market Entry Strategies

Exporting as an Entry Strategy
Foreign Production as an Entry Strategy
Ownership Strategies
Entering Markets Through Mergers and Acquisitions
Portal or e-Business Entry Strategies
Entry Strategy Configuration
Exit Strategies

IV. Designing Global Marketing Programs
10. Global Product Strategies

Product Design in a Global Environment
Packaging and Labeling for Global Markets
Global Warranty and Service Policies
Managing a Global Product Line
Developing a Global Product
New Product Development Processes for Global Markets
Introducing New Products to Global Markets

11. Global Services, Brands, and Social Marketing

Marketing Services Globally
Branding Decisions
Trademarks and Brand Protection
Social Marketing in the Global Context

12. Pricing for International and Global Markets

Profit and Cost Factors Affecting Marketing
Market Factors Affecting Pricing
Environmental Factors Affecting Pricing
Managerial Issues in Global Pricing

13. Managing Global Distribution Channels

The Structure of the Global Distribution System
Analyzing National Channels
Factors Influencing the Selection of Channel Members
Locating and Selecting Channel Partners
Managing Global Distribution
Gaining Access to Distribution Channels
Global Logistics
Global Trends in Distribution

14. Global Promotion Strategies

Global Promotion Strategies
Personal Selling
Global Account Management
Implementing Successful Global Account Programs
Selling to Business and Governments
Other Forms of Promotion

15. Managing Global Advertising

Global versus Local Advertising
Developing Global Campaigns
The Global-Local Decision
Overcoming Language Barriers
Global Media Strategy
Organizing the Global Advertising Effort

V. Managing the Global Marketing Effort
16. Organizing for Global Marketing

Elements Affecting a Global Marketing Organization
Types of Organizational Structures
New Trends in Global Organizations
Controlling the Global Organization
Conflict Between Headquarters and Subsidiaries
Considering a Global Marketing Career