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Global Society, World Since 1900

Global Society, World Since 1900 - 2nd edition

Global Society, World Since 1900 - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780618775958

ISBN10: 0618775951

Global Society, World Since 1900 by Pamela Crossley, Lynn Hollen Lees and John W. Servos - ISBN 9780618775958
Edition: 2ND 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Global Society, World Since 1900 by Pamela Crossley, Lynn Hollen Lees and John W. Servos - ISBN 9780618775958

ISBN13: 9780618775958

ISBN10: 0618775951

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This narrative text takes a balanced, global approach to the world since 1900, examining all regions without over-emphasizing Western Europe or the United States. Comparative chapters allow students to see regional interaction around the world. The environmental and technological innovations theme explores developments worldwide. "The World in 1900" highlights the major issues of the 20th century, using the Paris World's Fair as a case study. Each chapter contains vignettes and summary sections.

  • New themes connect the 20th century with the 21st--including globalization, the environmental impacts of political and economic changes, and Islam and the Middle East.
  • "Global Technologies" now appears in every chapter, and explains the development of specific technologies and examines their effect on history. New topics include horseless carriages, tanks, radio, motion pictures, titanium, and genetic engineering.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Old and New Empires, 1900-1919
1. The World in 1900

Nation States and Their Resources
Technology and Power
Colonialism and the British Empire
Struggles for Recognition
Global Technologies: Horseless Carriages

2. Imperialism Encompasses the Pacific, 1900-1914

Twilight of the Land-Based Empires
Traditional Wealth and Modern Trade
Pacific Imperialists
Abandonment of the Land-Based Empires
Global Technologies: Long Distance Communications

3. Great War and Little Peace, 1914-1919

Origins of the War
Military History of the Conflict, 1914-1917
Home Fronts
Stalemates Broken, 1917-1918
Finding a New Equilibrium
Global Technologies: The Tank

II. Struggles for Supremacy, 1919-1945
4. Internationalism, Empire, and Autarchy, 1919-1929

Old Empires and New Nationalisms
Raj and Swaraj: The Struggle for Indian Independence
The Quiescent Colonies
Dependency and Development
Global Technologies: Radio

5. Knowing and Doing: Science and Technology from 1919-1939

The Convergence of Science and Technology
High Science in a Mass Culture
Science, Technology, and Economic Development
Global Technologies: Ammonia Synthesis

6. The Economic Consequences of War and Peace, 1919-1938

Markets and Money
Depression Around the Globe
National Solutions
Domestic Life in Hard Times
Global Technologies: The Gold Standard

7. The Murderous Politics of the 1930s

Alternative Designs for the Future
Several Forms of Authoritarianism
The Media Send Strong Messages
Citizenship, Gender, and Ethnicity
Welfare Programs: A Response to Domestic Problems
Global Technologies: Motion Pictures

8. From Regional Wars to Global Conflict, 1936-1946

The War of the Northern Hemisphere
War Years Outside the Battlefields
Global Technologies: Cryptography

III. Rise and Fall of the Bipolar Order, 1946-1981
9. From the United Nations to a Bi-Polar World, 1945-1953

The World in Motion
Memories of Versailles and Planning a Post-War World
From Allies to Adversaries
Asia in the Aftermath of World War II: Occupations and Nationalisms
Asian Communism
The Globalization of the Cold War
Global Technologies: Antibiotics

10. Two Poles and Perpetual Crisis, 1950-1964

Crisis and Compromise in the Management of the Post-War World
The Road to Confrontation
Resource Anxieties and the Challenge of Secular Nationalism
Global Technologies: Mammals in Space

11. Border Crossings, 1946-1975

A New Order of Things
People on the Move
International Styles
Earthly Concerns and Alternative Faiths
Global Technologies: Television

12. The Many Dialects of Rebellion, 1960-1975

Personalizing Resistance and Independence
National Independence in the Weakening Bipolar System
New Forms of International Awareness
Flexing of the American Pole
Global Technologies: Titanium

13. Détente to Disarray: The Breakdown of the Bipolar World, 1969-1981

The 1970s: An Overview
Regional Rivalries and the Decay of Détente
The Yom Kippur War, 1973
Oil Embargo and Economic Change
The Hollowing Out of the Soviet Empire
The Turn to the Right
Global Technologies: The Transistor

IV. Emergence of New Global Systems from 1981
14. Reconfigurations of Power, 1981-1991

The Collapse of Communism
Problems of One-Party Rule
Economic Restructuring
Identities and the Nation-State
Global Technologies: The Internet

15. Global Society in the New Millennium

Two Worlds on One Earth
The Organizing of Global Finance
Management of the Energy and the Environment
Class Stratification in the Global Society
Global Technologies: Genetic Engineering