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Grammar in Context, Book 1 -Text Only

Grammar in Context, Book 1 -Text Only - 4th edition

Grammar in Context, Book 1 -Text Only - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9781413007367

ISBN10: 1413007368

Grammar in Context, Book 1 -Text Only by Sandra N. Elbaum - ISBN 9781413007367
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Publishers, Inc.
International: No
Grammar in Context, Book 1 -Text Only by Sandra N. Elbaum - ISBN 9781413007367

ISBN13: 9781413007367

ISBN10: 1413007368

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 4TH 06

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Students learn more, remember more, and use grammar more effectively when they learn language in context. GRAMMAR IN CONTEXT presents grammar in interesting, informative readings and then recycles the language and context throughout every activity. Learners gain knowledge and skills in both the grammar structures and topic areas.


  • Editing Advice gives pre-writing practice and alerts students to common errors.
  • Expansion Activities develop speaking and writing skills and provide for student interaction.
  • Internet Activities encourage students to explore and use a wealth of online resources.
  • Split Editions provide options for shorter courses.
  • MORE GRAMMAR PRACTICE workbooks can be used for in-class practice or homework.

New to the Edition

  • Basic level introduces learners to basic English structures and vocabulary while offering them inviting and interesting lessons on American culture and customs.
  • Engaging topics include: Instant Messaging, Dating and Marriage, Spam, e-Bay, Outsourcing of Jobs, Wildfires in California, Occupational Outlook Handbook, and the AIDS Ride.
  • Grammar charts offer the clearest grammar explanations yet and provide contextualized examples to maximize learning, understanding, and retention.
  • Teacher's Annotated Edition offers page-by-page answers and teaching suggestions, minimizing teacher preparation.
  • Expansion Activities and Internet Activities encourage students to use their new language to learn more about the world and people around them while practicing grammar in context.
  • Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView Pro allows instructors to create quizzes and tests easily.
  • The audio program includes the readings as well as contextualized listening activities.
  • A Toolbox available via WebTutor on WebCT and Blackboard provides chapter-by-chapter quizzes and support.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 GRAMMAR The Present Tense of the Verb Be; Prepositions of Place; This, That, These, Those

CONTEXT College Life
READING Community College Life in the U.S.
READING Letter from College
READING Instant Message from a Student in the U.S.
READING In the School Cafeteria

Lesson 2 GRAMMAR The Simple Present Tense

CONTEXT The U.S. Government
READING Washington, D.C.

Lesson 3 GRAMMAR Frequency Words with the Simple Present Tense; Prepositions of Time

CONTEXT American Holidays
READING Three Special Days
READING The Fourth of July

Lesson 4 GRAMMAR Singular and Plural; Articles and Quantity Words; There + Be + Noun

CONTEXT Americans and Where They Live
READING Americans and Where They Live
READING Finding an Apartment
READING Calling About an Apartment

Lesson 5 GRAMMAR Possession; Object Pronouns; Questions About the Subject

CONTEXT Families and Names
READING William Madison's Name
READING Who Helps Your Parents?

Lesson 6 GRAMMAR The Present Continuous Tense

CONTEXT Observations About American Life
READING Observations in the Park
READING Observations in the School Cafeteria

Lesson 7 GRAMMAR Future Tenses--Will and Be Going To; Comparison of Tenses

CONTEXT Weddings
READING Planning for a Wedding
READING Jason and Katie--Starting a Married Life

Lesson 8 GRAMMAR The Simple Past Tense

READING The Wright Brothers--Men with a Vision
READING Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart
READING Robert Goddard

Lesson 9 GRAMMAR Infinitives; Modals; Imperatives

CONTEXT Smart Shopping
READING Getting the Best Price
READING Getting a Customer's Attention
READING Smart Shopping: Coupons, Rain Checks, and Rebates
READING The Customer Service Counter

Lesson 10 GRAMMAR Count and Noncount Nouns; Quantity Words

CONTEXT Nutrition and Health
READING A Healthy Diet
READING Eat Less, Live Longer

Lesson 11 GRAMMAR Adjectives; Noun Modifiers; Adverbs

CONTEXT Great Women
READING Helen Keller
READING Grandma Moses

Lesson 12 GRAMMAR Comparatives; Superlatives

CONTEXT U.S. Geography
READING U.S. Geography
READING A Tale of Two Cities

Lesson 13 GRAMMAR Auxiliary Verbs with Too and Either; Auxiliary Verbs in Tag Questions

CONTEXT Dating and Marriage
READING Dating and Marriage
READING Saturday with Meg and Don

Lesson 14 GRAMMAR Verb Review

CONTEXT Washington Interns
READING Washington Interns