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Great War

Great War - 73 edition

Great War - 73 edition

ISBN13: 9780415267359

ISBN10: 0415267358

Great War by Marc Ferro - ISBN 9780415267359
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 73
Copyright: 1973
Publisher: Routledge N. Y.
International: No
Great War by Marc Ferro - ISBN 9780415267359

ISBN13: 9780415267359

ISBN10: 0415267358

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 73

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'Home by Christmas!' was the confident cry of the young men who marched to the frontlines in 1914. From London, Paris and Berlin they went in their millions, and in their millions they died. Marc Ferro's most famous work, The Great War looks at the realities faced by those men and their families at home. By doing so, Ferro has presented us with one of the most significant reappraisals of the Great War ever to be written.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Translator's Note


1 War, the Liberator
2 Patriotic War
3 Inevitable War
4 Imaginary War
5 'War on War'
6 War is Declared


7 From Movement to Stagnation
8 Strong Points and Weak Points
9 Verdun and the Great Battles
10 Cannon Fodder and the New Art of War
11 Styles of War:Direct and Indirect
12 World War and Total War
13 The Possible and the Impossible


14 Tensions New and Old
15 Crises of War
16 Revolutionary Peace, Compromise Peace, Victorious Peace

Part IV

17 Between War and Crusade
18 The Illusions of Victory

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