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Handbook of School Counseling

Handbook of School Counseling - 03 edition

Handbook of School Counseling - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780130110107

ISBN10: 0130110108

Handbook of School Counseling by Debra C. Cobia and Donna A. Henderson - ISBN 9780130110107
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Handbook of School Counseling by Debra C. Cobia and Donna A. Henderson - ISBN 9780130110107

ISBN13: 9780130110107

ISBN10: 0130110108

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For Introduction to School Counseling courses.

Written by two school counselor educators, this thorough, practical text presents the full spectrum of topics, with a fresh, contemporary perspective and a friendly, down-to-earth tone. Coverage integrates current school counseling program models with the comprehensive ASCA National Standards for School Counseling Programs; and addresses the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs' (CACREP) specialty standards. It includes detailed discussions of program components, along with the activities that serve them best at the elementary, middle, and high school level. The authors also address professional standards, by examining such counselor competencies as leadership, advocacy, data-based decision-making, and effective collaboration and consultation.

  • Three chapters on comprehensive development programs; elementary, middle, and high school level--With specific, developmentally appropriate activities.
    • Helps students compare school counseling as it is performed at different types of schools, with pupils of differing ages.
  • Inclusion of material from nontraditional sources; business and industry, for example--Introduces systems thinking as well as leadership and management strategies from other disciplines.
    • Broadens the text's base and its applicability--shows students the benefits of "thinking outside the box."
  • Applications orientation--Seen in school-counseling specific student activities.
    • Allows instructors to choose activities that best fit their students and their teaching style; gives students the tools to create their own "products" for future use.
  • Case study at the beginning of each chapter--Referred to throughout chapter content.
    • Illustrates how chapter ideas can be used successfully in real situations with real students.
  • Numerous and varied instructional devices--Individual, small group, and whole class activities; Web-based activities; and reflections.
    • Accommodates a wide range of learning differences and experience levels--enable students to learn at their own pace.
  • Suggested assessment activities--Ideal for a school counseling portfolio and to provide qualitative assessment of student progress.
    • Makes students "co-evaluators" in understanding their current functioning, and planning their ongoing professional development.

Author Bio

Cobia, Debra C. : Auburn University

Henderson, Donna A. : Wake Forest University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Profession of School Counseling.

Case Study 1: Understanding the Profession: The Experience of Mark.

2. The School Counselor: Promoting Academic Excellence for all Students.

Case Study 2: Identifying Barriers to Academic Success.

3. Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: Planning, Implementation, Evaluation.

Case Study 3: Ms. West's First School Counseling Job.

4. The School Counselor as Program Coordinator.

Case Study 4: Coordinating a School Counseling Program: Turning the Vision into a Reality.

5. The School Counselor's Responsibility as an Educational Leader.

Case Study 5: Facilitating Change in Schools: Identifying Leaders.

6. The Guidance Curriculum.

Case Study 6: Coordinated, Systemwide Planning: Developing a K-12 Guidance Curriculum.

7. Individual Planning.

Case Study 7: Planning for the Future.

8. Responsive Services.

Case Study 8: Meeting the Remedial Needs of Students.

9. System Support.

Case Study 9: System Support: The Framework.

10. Elementary School Counseling Program: Culmination of Intensive Planning.

Case Study 10: Putting it All Together in the Elementary School.

11. Middle School Counseling Program: Parent Orientation.

Case Study 11: Middle School Matters.

12. Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling in the Secondary School.

Case Study 12: Comprehensive Developmental School Guidance and Counseling for Secondary Students: A Model Program.