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Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Child

Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Child - 6th edition

Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Child - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9781401837006

ISBN10: 140183700X

Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Child by Lynn Marotz, Marie Z. Cross and Jeanettia M. Rush - ISBN 9781401837006
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Delmar Learning
International: No
Health, Safety and Nutrition for Young Child by Lynn Marotz, Marie Z. Cross and Jeanettia M. Rush - ISBN 9781401837006

ISBN13: 9781401837006

ISBN10: 140183700X

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 6TH 05

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"This book is the leading learning tool and resource guide on promoting safety and good health and nutrition in young children. The author does an excellent job of demonstrating the critical relationship among health, nutrition, and safety in an easy-to-read, thought-provoking format. Research-based information is used to make practical suggestions for creating high-quality environments that maximize children's well-being and development. Case studies, review activities, and suggestions for additional reading give readers the tools they need to fully comprehend and use the wealth of information contained within this book. Specific information on diseases and common childhood afflictions, as well as information on such special interest topics as children and medication and cultural diversity in meal planning, gives readers the knowledge they need to encourage healthy practices in children and their families. The "Focus on Families" feature encourages collaboration among parents and teachers in promoting children's wellness. And, new BMI and growth charts serve in tracking children's height, weight, and risk of obesity. The author also has updated Web addresses for numerous resource groups and organizations, and she has added a list of children's book titles that reinforce healthy, safe lifestyles."

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Health, Safety, and Nutrition: An Introduction.

Chapter 1: Interrelationships of Health, Safety and Nutrition.

Unit 2: Health of the Young Child: Maximizing the Child's Potential.

Chapter 2: Promoting Good Health.
Chapter 3: Health Appraisals.
Chapter 4: Health Assessment Tools.
Chapter 5: Conditions Affecting Children's Health.
Chapter 6: The Infectious Process and Effective Control.
Chapter 7: Communicable and Acute Illness: Identification and Management.

Unit 3: Safety for the Young Child.

Chapter 8: Creating Quality Environments.
Chapter 9: Safety Management.
Chapter 10: Management of Injuries and Acute Illness.
Chapter 11: Child Abuse and Neglect.
Chapter 12: Planning for Children's Health and Safety Education.

Unit 4: Foods and Nutrients: Basic Concepts.

Chapter 13: Nutritional Guidelines.
Chapter 14: Nutrients That Provide Energy (Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins)
Chapter 15: Nutrients That Promote Growth of Body Tissue (Proteins, Minerals and Water).
Chapter 16: Nutrients That Regulate Body Functions. (Proteins, Minerals, Waters, and Vitamins)

Unit 5: Nutrition and the Young Child.

Chapter 17: Infant Feeding.
Chapter 18: Feeding the Toddler and Preschool Child.
Chapter 19: Planning and Serving Nutritious and Economical Meals.
Chapter 20: Food Safety.
Chapter 21: Nutrition Education Concepts and Activates. Appendices.