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Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology (Text Only)

Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology (Text Only) - 8th edition

Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology (Text Only) - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780697341938

ISBN10: 0697341933

Edition: 8TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: W.C.Brown Pub.Co.
International: No

ISBN13: 9780697341938

ISBN10: 0697341933

Edition: 8TH 99

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Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology assumes no prior science knowledge and supports core topics with clinical applications, making difficult topics relevant to students pursuing careers in the allied health field. The learning aids throughout the text, along with the reader-friendly writing style, make a highly effective learning system for understanding the concepts of anatomy and physiology.

  • New! Over 25% of the art program has been changed in this edition.
  • New Micrographs. Many new micrographs enhance the illustration program.
  • New! The Dynamic Human CD-ROM, Version 2.0. The text is correlated to the Dynamic Human 2.0 and will have a text-specific Web site.
  • New! Stress Coverage. Textual material on stress.

  • "InnerConnections" have been updated and are found at the end of the 11 systems chapters.
  • Chapter-opening vignettes have been revised and updated.
  • Physiology Coverage Stronger. Updated and stronger coverage, especially in the areas of physiology. See the chapters on cardiovascular, research, digestive, nervous systems, and the immunilogy, cellular metabolism and genetics coverage.
  • Clinical Applications. These boxed applications are found in every chapter.
  • Extensive pedagogical system in every chapter features: BOC key terms, BOC learning objectives, in-text questions, boxed readings, EOC summaries, critical thinking questions, and review exercises. The Aids to Understanding Words have been added to the beginning of each chapter per adopter request.
  • Integrated Technology. The text is integrated with technology. Icons throughout the chapters tie in to the Life Science Animations videotapes and the Dynamic Human version 2.0 CD-ROM.
  • Color Tabs highlight units, chapters, and reference plates and are visible on the edges of the pages.
  • "Aids to Understanding Words." This section can be found on the printed endsheets, and at the beginning of each chapter.
  • Boxed readings found in every chapter contain short discussions of the clinical or practical applications of the information preceding.
  • Relevant, Up-to-Date Topics. Topics have been revised to include the most up-to-date information in the field. Many topics come straight from the headlines. Chapter 24, Genetics, has been fully updated based on the latest research.
  • Exceptional ancillary package. This package is as comprehensive as any on the market. VRL, Lab Manual, DH2, Virtual Physiology, etc.
  • The Virtual Physiology Lab CD-ROM is a unique, CD-ROM that can be packaged at a discount with Hole's Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit 1 Levels of Organization

1 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
2 Chemical Basis of Life
3 Cells
4 Cellular Metabolism
5 Tissues

Unit 2 Support and Movement

6 Skin and Integumentary System
7 Skeletal System
8 Joints of the Skeletal System
9 Muscular System

Unit 3 Integration and Coordination

10 Nervous System I: Basic Structure and Function
11 Nervous System II: Divisions of the Nervous System
12 Somatic and Special Senses
13 Endocrine System

Unit 4 Transport

14 Blood
15 Cardiovascular System
16 Lymphatic System and Immunity

Unit 5 Absorption and Excretion

17 Digestive System
18 Nutrition and Metabolism
19 Respiratory System
20 Urinary System
21 Water, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance

Unit 6 The Human Life Cycle

22 Reproductive Systems
23 Human Growth and Development
24 Genetics