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Horizons : Exploring Universe (Custom)

Horizons : Exploring Universe (Custom) - 08 edition

Horizons : Exploring Universe (Custom) - 08 edition

ISBN13: 9780495434412

ISBN10: 0495434418

Horizons : Exploring Universe (Custom) by Seeds - ISBN 9780495434412
Edition: 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Cengage Custom Publishing
International: No
Horizons : Exploring Universe (Custom) by Seeds - ISBN 9780495434412

ISBN13: 9780495434412

ISBN10: 0495434418

Edition: 08
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A newly retooled art program better prepares students to draw connections between the text and the stunning images that mark this visual science. The "concept art portfolios" were redesigned to aid students in navigating through these key two-page visual summaries. Now numbered and emphasized in the text narrative, these art spreads have also been redesigned with guiding arrows to help students build a stronger conceptual understanding.

Chapter 7, "The Sun-Our Star," has been thoroughly rewritten and reorganized. The new presentation is designed to help students see the sun as a physical object in which energy is generated in its core, flows outward through the interior, and generates the activity we see on the sun's surface.

Each chapter ends with a "What We Are" section, which reinforce why the study of astronomy is so relevant to the understanding of our origins.
To help students avoid common pitfalls in logic, "Common Misconceptions" are clearly pointed out in the body of the narrative.

"Building Scientific Arguments" boxes at the end of each section contain a carefully designed question to help students learn how to construct scientific arguments. A short answer follows each question to emphasize how scientists construct logical arguments from observations, evidence, theories, and natural laws. A further multiple choice-based question then gives students a chance to check their conceptual understanding.

This edition is fully updated to reflect the rapid and exciting developments in astronomy, including: neutron stars merging to form a black hole, the recent reclassification of Pluto as a "dwarf planet", further evidence of a mysterious energy spread throughout space, and ice volcano eruptions on Saturn's moon Enceladus.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I. THE SKY.

1. The Scale of the Cosmos.
2. The Sky.
3. The Cycles of the Sky.
4. The Origin of Modern Astronomy.
5. Astronomical Tools.


6. Starlight and Atoms.
7. The Sun?Our Star.
8. The Family of Stars.
9. The Formation and Structure of Stars.
10. The Deaths of Stars.
11. Neutron Stars and Black Holes.


12. The Milky Way Galaxy.
13. Galaxies.
14. Galaxies with Active Nuclei.
15. Cosmology in the 21st Century.


16. The Origin of the Solar System.
17. Comparative Planetology of the Terrestrial Planets.
18. Comparative Planetology of the Outer Planets.
19. Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets.

Part V. LIFE.

20. Life on Other Worlds.