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How To Grant Manual

How To Grant Manual - 4th edition

How To Grant Manual - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9781573563260

ISBN10: 1573563269

How To  Grant Manual by David G. Bauer - ISBN 9781573563260
Edition: 4TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: American Council on Education
International: No
How To  Grant Manual by David G. Bauer - ISBN 9781573563260

ISBN13: 9781573563260

ISBN10: 1573563269

Edition: 4TH 99

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At the beginning of the 1980s, available grants from federal and private sources totaled around $80 billion. In 1999, it is estimated that figure will have increased by more than three times, to nearly $250 billion. David Bauer's new edition of The "How To" Grants Manual is an essential guide for grantseekers who want to successfully navigate recent changes in the marketplace. This renowned author shares valuable insight into the grantseeking process while providing a helpful "get organized" book. Additionally, the fourth edition has been updated to include advice on ways to use the Internet when seeking grants.

When the federal government balanced its budget in 1998, one result was an increase in the amount of available grant money. Economic forecasts call for more of the same into the next century. The "How To" Grants Manual explains important nuances behind the numbers and provides the savvy grantseeker with essential information about changes in the marketplace.

This useful guide puts grantseekers on the right track using a simple, three-part approach that offers advice on:

  • Part 1: Funding differences between private and public sectors,
  • and which tools and methods are most useful.
  • Part 2: The best ways to win a federal grant.
  • Part 3: Funding differences between foundations and corporations,
  • and how to approach the private sector.

The "How To" Grants Manual packages its proven methods together with worksheets, sample letters, an extensive list of resources, and a practical step-by-step outline on preparing a proposal--all in one helpful "get organized" book.

Do foundations advertise their programs on the World Wide Web? Can applications be found online? These questions and more are answered in the latest edition, which offers new information on ways to use the Internet.

Libraries will spend their budgets wisely on The "How To" Grants Manual because of its wide appeal. Grantseekers from higher education, nonprofit organizations, agencies, and other groups comprise this book's diverse and multifaceted audience.

Author Bio

Bauer, David G. :

David G. Bauer's extensive background in grantseeking includes directing several development offices. He is president of a firm that offers training and consulting services on grantseeking and fund-raising, and uses educational videos, software, and workshops to teach thousands about the best ways to search out and win grants.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits, Figures, and Tables

PART I: Getting Ready to Seek Grant Support for Your Organization

Chapter 1: Setting Yourself Up for Grants Success: Developing a Proactive Grants System
Chapter 2: Developing and Documenting the Need for Your Project: Creating Urgency
Chapter 3: Finding Time to Write Grant Proposals: Organizing a Proposal Development Workbook
Chapter 4: Developing Grant-Winning Ideas: From Research to Model Projects
Chapter 5: Redefining Proposal Ideas to Find More Funding Sources
Chapter 6: Why Grant Funds to You and Your Organization? Capitalizing on Your Capabilities
Chapter 7: Involving Volunteers through Advisory Committees and Advocacy Groups
Chapter 8: Choosing the Correct Marketplace

PART II: Government Funding Sources

Chapter 9: Researching the Government Marketplace
Chapter 10: How to Contact Government Funding Sources
Chapter 11: Planning the Successful Federal Proposal
Chapter 12: Improving Your Federal Proposal: The Grants Quality Circle
Chapter 13: Submission: What to Do and What Not to Do
Chapter 14: Federal Grant Requirements
Chapter 15: Dealing with the Decision of Public Funding Sources
Chapter 16: Follow-Up with Government Funding Sources

PART III: Private Funding Sources

Chapter 17: The Differences between Private and Public Funding
Chapter 18: How to Record Research and Information
Chapter 19: Foundation Funding Source Research Tools
Chapter 20: Researching Corporate Grant Opportunities
Chapter 21: Contacting a Private Funding Source Before Submission
Chapter 22: Applying for Private Funds: Creating a Winning Letter Proposal
Chapter 23: Proposal Submission: Private Funding Sources
Chapter 24: The Decision of Private Funders and Follow-Up

List of Resources
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