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Human Anatomy Laboratory Textbook

Human Anatomy Laboratory Textbook - 6th edition

Human Anatomy Laboratory Textbook - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780697342294

ISBN10: 0697342298

Human Anatomy Laboratory Textbook by Harold J. Benson and Kathleen Park Talaro - ISBN 9780697342294
Edition: 6TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Human Anatomy Laboratory Textbook by Harold J. Benson and Kathleen Park Talaro - ISBN 9780697342294

ISBN13: 9780697342294

ISBN10: 0697342298

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This stand-alone manual, featuring complete explanations of essential information, is ideal for the one-semester, introductory human anatomy course. The main dissection specimen in Human Anatomy Laboratory Textbook is the cat, along with the cow, rat, and sheep organs.

  • Expanded Histology Atlas.

  • New Histology self-quizzes.

  • Improved anatomical illustrations.

  • Revised and updated textual material has increased the content and improved the clarity of the sixth edition.

  • Appendix A coordinates key exercises with the images from the Slice of Life Videodisc. This provides students with an extensive library of visual images that will complement this manuals already effective illustration program.

  • To improve lab safety procedures, guidelines and laboratory protocol are provided on the inside front cover.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1 Some Fundamentals

1 Anatomical Terminology

2 Body Cavities & Membranes

3 Organ Systems: Rat Dissection

Part 2 Cells and Tissues

4 Microscopy

5 Basic Cell Structure

6 Mitosis

7 Epithelial Tissues

8 Connective Tissues

9 The Integument

Part 3 The Skeletal System

10 The Skeletal Plan

11 The Skull

12 The Vertebral Column & Thorax

13 The Appendicular Skeleton

14 Articulations

Part 4 The Skeletal Muscles

15 Muscle Tissue

16 Muscle Structure

17 Body Movements

18 Cat Dissection: Skin Removal

19 Head and Neck Muscles

20 Trunk and Shoulder Muscles

21 Upper Extremity Muscles

22 Abdominal and Pelvic Muscles

23 Lower Extremity Muscles

Part 5 The Nervous System

24 Nerve Tissue

25 The Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, and Reflex Arcs

26 The Neuromuscular Junction

27 Brain Anatomy: External

28 Brain Anatomy: Internal

29 The Eye

30 The Ear

The Histology Atlas

Part 6 Metabolic Support

31 The Blood

32 The Heart

33 The Arteries and Veins

34 Fetal Circulation

35 The Lymphatic System and the Immune Response

36 The Respiratory System

37 The Digestive System

38 The Urinary System

Part 7 Endocrines and Reproduction

39 The Endocrine System

40 The Reproductive System

Histology Self-Quizzes

Laboratory Reports

Appendix A

Appendix B