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Human Physiology -Text Only

Human Physiology -Text Only - 9th edition

Human Physiology -Text Only - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780073040769

ISBN10: 0073040762

Human Physiology -Text Only by Stuart Ira Fox - ISBN 9780073040769
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 9TH 06
Copyright: 2006
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Human Physiology -Text Only by Stuart Ira Fox - ISBN 9780073040769

ISBN13: 9780073040769

ISBN10: 0073040762

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 9TH 06

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Human Physiology is intended for the one-semester Human Physiology course often taken by allied health and other biology students. The beginning chapters introduce basic chemical and biological concepts to provide students with the framework they need to comprehend physiological principles. The chapters that follow promote conceptual understanding rather than rote memorization of facts. Health applications are included throughout to heighten interest, deepen understanding of physiological concepts, and help students relate the material to their individual career goals. Every effort has been made to help students integrate related concepts, and understand the relationships between anatomical structures and their functions.

New Features

  • Along with content updates in every chapter, new sections of text, new figures, and/or new clinical application boxes have been added to 75% of the chapters. Examples of new topics that have been added are: Genome and Proteome, Polarization of organelles within epithelial cells, Cable properties of axons, Emotion and memory (with a new figure on the regions of the frontal cortex involved in emotion), Inflammation and Atherosclerosis, Damaging effects of inflammation, Functional residual capacity, Endocrine Function of Adipocyte.
  • Steps have been added to 10 complex figures in the Nervous System chapters (chapters 7 & 8) and the Muscle chapter (chapter 12).
  • eInstruction questions are available with this project and can be found on the Online Learning Center. eInstruction is a wireless student response system that allows for the ultimate in classroom participation, giving you immediate feedback from every student.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 The Study of Body Function

2 Chemical Composition of the Body

3 Cell Structure and Genetic Control

4 Enzymes and Energy

5 Cell Respiration and Metabolism

6 Interactions Between Cells and the Extracellular Environment

7 The Nervous System: Neurons and Synapses

8 The Central Nervous System

9 The Autonomic Nervous System

10 Sensory Physiology

11 Endocrine Glands: Secretion and Action of Hormones

12 Muscle: Mechanisms of Contraction and Neural Control

13 Heart and Circulation

14 Cardio Output, Blood Flow, and Blood Pressure

15 the Immune System

16 Respiratory Physiology

17 Physiology of the Kidneys

18 The Digestive System

19 Regulation of Metabolism

20 Reproduction

Appendix A Solutions to Clinical Investigations

Appendix B Answers to Test Your Knowledge of Terms and Facts Questions