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In Their Own Words : Criminals on Crime, An Anthology

In Their Own Words : Criminals on Crime, An Anthology - 3rd edition

In Their Own Words : Criminals on Crime, An Anthology - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9781891487873

ISBN10: 1891487876

In Their Own Words : Criminals on Crime, An Anthology by Paul  Ed. Cromwell - ISBN 9781891487873
Edition: 3RD 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Roxbury Publishing Co.
International: No
In Their Own Words : Criminals on Crime, An Anthology by Paul  Ed. Cromwell - ISBN 9781891487873

ISBN13: 9781891487873

ISBN10: 1891487876

Edition: 3RD 03

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This unique anthology provides a rare opportunity for students to view the world from the perspective of the offender. Few students ever encounter a real criminal during their education. IN THEIR OWN WORDS is designed to provide a surrogate experience - an inside perspective on the criminal mind. Brief introductions precede each reading, easing instruction by providing internal cohesiveness and structure.
This book is a collection of ethnographic or field accounts of crime and criminals. The studies presented are derived from a long tradition of field research in sociology and criminology. In the Third Edition of this popular book, students will encounter gang members, burglars, shoplifters, pimps, prostitutes, killers, robbers, fences, addicts, rapists, drug smugglers, and white-collar offenders - all of whom discuss their motives, perceptions, decision-making strategies, and rationalizations for crime.

The Third Edition contains nine new studies, adding more accounts of criminals engaged in workplace theft, sex workers, participants in the Ecstasy club culture, illegal gambling, robbery and drug sales, as well as an interview with a serial killer. These new research findings increase the range of criminal behaviors analyzed and offer the reader fresh insights into the criminal experience.

The data from these ethnographic studies provide abundant description and detail about the personal experiences and perspectives of offenders. These studies vary in setting, crime, and researcher involvement. In every case, however, the story is told from the perspective and in the words of the offender. In each article, the researcher places the offender's words in a theoretical context and provides analyses and conclusions.

As a supplement to a traditional text, Cromwell's IN THEIR OWN WORDS enriches the reader's understanding of criminal topologies, criminal decision making, criminological theories, criminal subcultures, and criminal lifestyles.

Author Bio

Cromwell, Paul (Ed.) : Wichita State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

* New to Third Edition

Introduction to Ethnographic Research in Criminal and Criminology

*1. Researching Crack Dealers: Dilemmas and Contradictions
Bruce A. Jacobs
2. Snowball's Chance in Hell: Doing Fieldwork With Active Residential Burglars
Richard T. Wright, Scott H. Decker, Allison K. Redfern, and Dietrich L. Smith

Section I: Criminal Lifestyles and Decision Making

3. The Socially Bounded Decision Making of Persistent Property Offenders
Neal Shover and David Honaker
4. Women, Work, and Crime
Deborah R. Baskin and Ira Sommers
5. Looking at the Squares: Comparisons With the Square Johns
Malin Åkerström
6. Aging Criminals: Changes in the Criminal Calculus
Neal Shover
7. Getting Out of the Life: Crime Desistance by Female Street Offenders
Ira Sommers, Deborah R. Baskin, and Jeffrey Fagan

Section II: Property Crime

8. Decision Strategies of Residential Burglars
Paul Cromwell, James N. Olson, and D'Aunn W. Avary
*9. Managing Fear to Commit Felony Theft
Andrew Hochstetler and Heith Copes
10. The Thrill of It All: Youthful Offenders and Auto Theft
Zachary Fleming
11. The Five-Finger Discount: An Analysis of Motivations for Shoplifting
Paul Cromwell, Lee Parker, and Shawna Mobley

Section III: Occupational Crime

12. Denying the Guilty Mind: Accounting for Involvement In a White-Collar Crime
Michael L. Benson
13. How Doctors Defraud Medicaid: Doctors Tell Their Stories
Paul Jesilow, Henry M. Pontell, and Gilbert Geis
*14. Neutralization and Deviance in the Workplace: Theft of Supplies and Medicines by Hospital Nurses
Dean Dabney

Section IV: Illegal Occupations

*15. For Love or Money: Pimps and the Management of Sex Work
Tiggey May, Alex Harocopos, and Michael Hough
16. Dealing Careers
Patricia Adler
*17. Managing the Action: Sports Bookmakers as Entrepreneurs
Phyllis Coontz
*18. The Motives and Mechanics of Operating an Illegal Drug Enterprise
Lise-Marie VanNostrand and Richard Tewksbury

Section V: Violent Crime

19. Creating the Illusion of Impending Death: Armed Robbers in Action
Richard T. Wright and Scott H. Decker
20. Convicted Rapists' Vocabulary of Motive: Excuses and Justifications
Diana Scully and Joseph Marolla
*21. Interview With a Serial Killer
Eric W. Hickey

Section VI: Gangs and Crime

22. Becoming a Gang Member
Felix M. Padilla
23. Homeboys, Dope fiends, Legits, and New Jacks
John M. Hagedorn
24. Changes in Prison Culture: Prison Gangs and the Case of the 'Pepsi Generation'
Geoffrey Hunt, Stephanie Riegel, Tomas Morales, and Dan Waldorf

Section VII: Drugs and Crime

*25. 'E' Is for Ecstasy: A Participant Observation of Ecstasy Use
Wilson R. Palacios and Melissa E. Fenwick
*26. Drug Transactions Involving Ecstasy: Usersí Perceptions of Drug Deals and the Roles Involved in Drug Acquisition
Karen McElrath
27. The Drugs-Crime Connection Among Stable Addicts
Charles E. Faupel
28. Life With Crack: Women's Experiences and Voices
Tom Mieczkowski