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Integrated Principles of Zoology

Integrated Principles of Zoology - 12th edition

Integrated Principles of Zoology - 12th edition

ISBN13: 9780072930283

ISBN10: 0072930284

Integrated Principles of Zoology by Cleveland Hickman, Larry Roberts, Allan Larson and Helen I
Edition: 12TH 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Integrated Principles of Zoology by Cleveland Hickman, Larry Roberts, Allan Larson and Helen I

ISBN13: 9780072930283

ISBN10: 0072930284

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This best-selling, comprehensive text is suitable for one- or two-semester courses. Integrated Principles of Zoology is considered the standard by which other texts are measured. It features high quality illustrations and photos, engaging narrative, traditional organization, and comprehensive coverage.

New to This Edition

  • Many of the changes in this edition were guided by the suggestions of 49 zoology instructors who read and commented on sections of the eleventh edition. For the eleventh edition, the vertebrate chapters of Part Three, and several chapters on functional systems (Part Four) were revised by invited contributors, all experienced zoologists who were solicited for their interest and expertise in the subject matter of specific chapters. This twelfth edition continues to benefit from their participation. In general, we revised all chapters to make the text current while eliminating excessive detail, and placed more emphasis on experimentation and comparative studies in zoology.
  • Order of chapters in Parts One and Two has been maintained as in the eleventh edition. The presentation is streamlined by discussing basic chemistry in the context of the origin of life.
  • Several chapters in Part Three have been reorganized. Because evidence is strong that lophophorate phyla and Chaetognatha are protostomes, separate chapters for each of these are not justified; therefore, material on these phyla has been moved to single chapter covering all smaller phyla of coelomate protostomes (Chapter 21). Removal of chaetognaths from the chapter covering hemichordates made that chapter quite short, and accordingly, hemichordates are now covered in the same chapter as echinoderms, their closest relatives.
  • Throughout the text we updated references, revised or replaced many illustrations, and rewrote many of the Review Questions to provoke thought and reduce emphasis on rote memorization.
  • The art inside the front cover has been completely revised to depict phylogenetic relationships consistent with the Lophotrochozoa/Ecdysozoa hypothesis and other phylogenetic relationships based on sequence analysis of DNA.
  • New co-author Helen I'Anson has focused on revising and updating reproductive chapters.
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  • This text is considered the market standard. It is comprehensive, accurate, well-written and has an unsurpassed illustration program. The line drawings were created by Bill Ober, who is a medical illustrator and physician, and Claire Garrison.
  • Key pedagogical elements include: Chapter Prologues, Chapter Notes, Summaries, Review Questions, and Selected References.
  • Suggested Internet topics are added at the end of each chapter; hyperlinks are available on this text's Online Learning Center web site at

Author Bio

Hickman, Cleveland P., Jr. : Washington & Lee University

Roberts, Larry S. : Florida Int'l University-Miami

Larson, Allan : Washington University-St. Louis

I'Anson, Helen : Washington & Lee University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part 1. Introduction to Living Animals

1. Life: Biological Principles and the Science of Zoology
2. Origin and Chemistry of Life
3. Cells as Units of Life
4. Cellular Metabolism

Part 2. Continuity and Evolution of Animal Life

5. Genetics: A Review
6. Organic Evolution
7. The Reproductive Process
8. Principles of Development

Part 3. Diversity of Animal Life

9. Architectural Pattern of an Animal
10. Classification and Phylogeny of Animals
11. Protozoan Groups
12. Mesozoa and Parazoa
13. Radiate Animals
14. Acoelomate Animals
15. Pseudocoelomate Animals
16. Molluscs
17. Segmented Worms
18. Arthropods
19. Aquatic Mandibulates
20. Terrestrial Mandibulates
21. Smaller Protostome Phyla
22. Echinoderms and Hemichordates
23. Chordates
24. Fishes
25. Early Tetrapods and Modern Amphibians
26. Amniote Origins and Reptilian Groups
27. Birds
28. Mammals

Part 4. Activity of Life

29. Support, Protection, and Movement
30. Homeostasis
31. Internal Fluids and Respiration
32. Digestion and Nutrition
33. Nervous Coordination: Nervous System and Sense Organs
34. Chemical Coordination: Endocrine System
35. Immunity
36. Animal Behavior

Part 5. The Animal and Its Environment

37. The Biosphere and Animal Distribution
38.Animal Ecology