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Intercambios : Spanish for Global Communication - With CD

Intercambios : Spanish for Global Communication - With CD - 5th edition

Intercambios : Spanish for Global Communication - With CD - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9781413019810

ISBN10: 1413019811

Intercambios : Spanish for Global Communication - With CD by Guiomar Borras A. - ISBN 9781413019810
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Publishers, Inc.
International: No
Intercambios : Spanish for Global Communication - With CD by Guiomar Borras A. - ISBN 9781413019810

ISBN13: 9781413019810

ISBN10: 1413019811

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 5TH 08

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INTERCAMBIOS: SPANISH FOR GLOBAL COMMUNICATION is a short, complete introductory language program, designed especially for two- or three-semester courses with fewer contact hours. The main purposes of the program are to develop students' listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish, and to help students understand Spanish-speaking communities in the United States, in Latin America and in Spain. Highly integrated components in the program provide many opportunities to learn and practice Spanish vocabulary, sayings, phrases, pronunciation, and language structures in culturally authentic situations, and situations relevant to students' lives.

High-frequency vocabulary, realistic grammar presentations, and compelling cultural readings combine with powerful multimedia resources to provide an integrated program that can be completed easily in either a semester or quarter system. Plus, the INTERCAMBIOS program includes teaching and learning support that gives you and your students exactly what you need.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Bienvenida a Monterrey!

Language Functions. Greeting others. Introducing yourself and others. Saying where you and others are from. Describing people. Saying goodbye. Vocabulario esencial. Greetings. Personal introductions. Personal titles. Leave-taking expressions. Gramática esencial. Subject pronouns. Present tense of the verb ser. Agreement of descriptive adjectives. Cultura. Customs for greeting and meeting others. Addressing others: tú and usted.

2. Te gusta estudiar y trabajar en la universidad?

Language Functions. Naming academic subjects. Saying your address. Saying your telephone number. Saying your age. Stating ownership. Indicating relationships. Expressing likes and dislikes. Describing daily activities. Vocabulario esencial. Classmates and friends. Academic subjects. Jobrelated subjects. Home. Office terms. Numbers 30-100. Colors. Idioms with tener (años, calor, frío, hambre, sed, sueño). Gramática esencial. Present tense of the verb tener. Possessive adjectives. Possession with de(l). Present tense of regular -ar verbs. Me gusta + infinitive. No me gusta + infinitive. Cultura. University Life in Spain and Latin America.

3. Necesito una pasantía para junio!

Language Functions. Telling time. Extending invitations. Making appointments. Accepting and declining invitations. Expressing likes and dislikes. Describing daily activities. Expressing wants and intentions. Vocabulario esencial. Telling time. Days of the week. Months of the year. Gramática esencial. Present tense of regular -er and -ir verbs. Present tense of the verb querer. Present tense of the verb ir + a. Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns. Neuter
demonstrative pronouns. Cultura. Twenty-four-hour system of time. Gestures. Perspectivas Imágenes. La etiqueta o "netiquette" en la red. Comercio entre los Estados Unidos y México. A leer! Using background knowledge and organizational features. A escribir! Organizing information and combining sentences.

PASO 2: ECOTURISMO EN CENTROAMÉRICA. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panamá.
4. Tenemos que estar de acuerdo!

Language Functions. Naming family members. Describing your family. Describing your house. Describing your recent activities. Discussing your daily activities. Stating location. Expressing physical and mental states. Expressing knowledge and familiarity. Describing how and how often. Vocabulario esencial. Family members. The house. Marital status. Expressions with tener que. Gramática esencial. Some uses of the verb estar. Present tense of other irregular yo verbs. Uses of the verbs saber and conocer. Adverbs and adverbial expressions. Cultura. Hispanic families. Hispanic names.

5. Qué carrera quieres seguir?

Language Functions. Describing your career plans. Describing your work-related activities. Expressing wants and preferences. Stating intentions and obligations. Describing people's routine activities. Describing weekend plans. Extending an invitation. Describing actions in progress. Vocabulario esencial. Professions. Buildings. Gramática esencial. Present tense of verbs with stem-vowel change (e .ie). Present tense of verbs with stem-vowel change (o .ue, e .i). Present progressive tense. Cultura. Higher education in Spanish-speaking countries.

6. Hace mucho calor en Panamá!

Language Functions. Describing the weather. Commenting on the weather. Commenting on the seasons. Expressing your preferences. Saying the year when you were born. Specifying dates. Describing daily routines. Discussing past activities. Vocabulario esencial. Weather expressions. Seasons of the year. More expressions with tene. Numbers 100 - 2000. Gramática esencial. Present tense of reflexive verbs. Preterite tense of regular verbs. The verb form hace + time. Cultura. Climate around the world. Perspectivas Imágenes. La Ruta Maya. Ecoturismo en la Ruta Maya. A leer! Skimming and scanning for information. A escribir! Writing a narrative.

7. Tengo ganas de ir a la playa!

Language Functions. Expressing likes and dislikes. Describing leisure-time activities. Expressing preferences. Discussing past activities. Vocabulario esencial. Pastimes. Sports. Gramática esencial. Preterite tense of irregular verbs. Preterite with stem-changing verbs. Indirect object pronouns with gustar. Por and para. Cultura. Pastimes in Spanish-speaking countries. Sports in the Spanish-speaking world. International recruitment of athletes.

8. Salud y buen provecho!

Language Functions. Naming common foods. Stating preferences. Ordering a meal. Referring to specific things. Referring to things already mentioned. Vocabulario esencial. Common foods. Restaurant expressions. Gramática esencial. Direct object pronouns. Double object pronouns. Imperfect tense. Cultura. Hispanic restaurant customs. Mealtimes in Latin America and Spain. Tapas bars.

9. Vacaciones de verano en diciembre?

Language Functions. Naming gifts you have received. Naming gifts you need or want. Suggesting what gifts to buy. Expressing negative ideas. Expressing likes and dislikes. Describing childhood experiences. Vocabulario esencial. Jewelry. Electronic equipment. Sport equipment. Other common gifts. Gramática esencial. Affirmative and negative expressions. Preterite tense vs. imperfect tense. Verbs with different meanings in the preterite and imperfect. Cultura. Religious holidays in Spanish-speaking countries. Perspectivas Imágenes. Los pasatiempos en Chile. Centro de ski El Fraile. A leer! Guessing from context and printed clues. A escribir! Editing your writing.

PASO 4: DE COMPRAS. Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia.
10. Desea algo más?

Language Functions. Naming fruits and vegetables. Specifying preferences. Expressing likes and dislikes. Expressing grocery needs. Comparing and contrasting. Expressing opinions. Giving advice. Making requests. Vocabulario esencial. Fruits. Vegetables. Shopping expressions. Gramática esencial. Informal (tú) commands. Comparatives. Superlatives. Formal (usted) commands. Cultura. Specialized grocery stores. Open-air markets. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

11. Vamos de compras! Qué chévere!

Language Functions. Stating preferences. Discussing what to wear. Speaking with salesclerks. Talking about future plans. Persuading others. Expressing wants. Expressing intentions. Vocabulario esencial. Clothing. Clothing accessories. Colors. Shopping expressions. Numbers over 2000. Gramática esencial. The future tense. Present subjunctive following the verb querer. Cultura. Carolina Herrera. American vs. European clothing sizes.

12. Qué delicioso el café!

Language Functions. Discussing personal money management. Communicating with a bank teller. Expressing your emotions. Discussing travel plans. Giving advice and suggestions. Expressing your opinions. Vocabulario esencial. Common business transactions. Money management and banking terminology. Gramática esencial. Introduction to the present subjunctive. Present subjunctive following other verbs of volition. Present subjunctive following expressions of emotion and impersonal expressions. Cultura. Coffee in the Spanish-speaking world. Changing money abroad. International Monetary Fund. Perspectivas Imágenes. De compras. Parque Nacional del Café. A leer! Summarizing a reading passage. A escribir! Writing a summary.

13. Te esperamos en Galicia!

Language Functions. Specifying your lodging needs. Complaining about a hotel room. Describing a vacation trip. Expressing doubt and indecision. Expressing confidence and certainty. Extending an invitation. Describing your travel plans. Expressing cause and- effect relationships. Vocabulario esencial. Lodging (hotel). Gramática esencial. Present subjunctive following verbs and expressions of uncertainty. Present subjunctive in purpose and time (adverbial) clauses. Cultura. Finding lodging in Spain. Traveling around Spain.

14. Lo siento, pero no me siento bien!

Language Functions. Communicating with medical personnel. Giving advice on health care. Describing past wishes and emotions. Stating previous uncertainties. Describing childhood experiences. Speculating on future actions. Vocabulario esencial. Common medical problems. The human body. Gramática esencial. Past (Imperfect) subjunctive. Conditional. Cultura. Taking medical precautions abroad.

15. Qué podríamos hacer nosotros por nuestro medio ambiente?

Language Functions. Expressing opinions. Discussing possible solutions. Expressing environmental concerns. Describing possible scenarios. Giving ecological advice. Making recommendations. Vocabulario esencial. Environmental problems. Solutions to environmental problems. Other global concerns. Gramática esencial. "If" clauses. Infinitive versus subjunctive uses (summary). Indicative versus subjunctive uses (summary). Cultura. Education without borders. Noise pollution. Perspectivas Imágenes. La población hispana en los Estados Unidos. Si es Goya tiene que ser bueno! A leer! Reading critically. A escribir! Writing persuasively.