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Intercultural Communication : With Readings (35873X)

Intercultural Communication : With Readings (35873X) - 07 edition

Intercultural Communication : With Readings (35873X) - 07 edition

ISBN13: 9780205358731

ISBN10: 020535873X

Intercultural Communication : With Readings (35873X) by Pamela Cooper, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas and Richard J. Hoel - ISBN 9780205358731
Edition: 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Intercultural Communication : With Readings (35873X) by Pamela Cooper, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas and Richard J. Hoel - ISBN 9780205358731

ISBN13: 9780205358731

ISBN10: 020535873X

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The text/reader combination provides students and instructors with the best of both worlds: the text material -- written by the authors -- presents the foundations of intercultural communication and the narratives and readings provide interesting examples to help clarify ideas and principles.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Communication and Culture.

Narrative: Culture's Core, Myron W. Lustig.
Defining Communication.
Defining Culture.
Defining Intercultural Communication.
Narrative Approach to Intercultural Communication.
Coloring Books, Video recorders and Sandpaper: Three Cultural Metaphors, Lucy Shahar and David Kurz.

2. Cultural Patterns.

Narrative: Balinese Patterns: Cremations and Villages
Cultural Patterns.
Approaches to Studying Cultural Patterns.
Cultural Assumptions and Values, Edward Stewart, Jack Danielian, and Robert Foster.

3. Perception.

Narrative: We and They, Rudyard Kipling.
Perception Process.
Culture and Perception.
The Psychological Process: Perception and Reasoning, Glen Fisher.
Communication in Personal Relationships in Iran: A Comparative Analysis, Fred Zandpour and Golnaz Sadri.

4. Cultural Identity.

Narrative: Spinning Wheels, Bobbons, Wool and Lace.
Defining Cultural Identity.
Formation of Cultural Identity.
Characteristics of Cultural Identity.
Disgrace, Culture and Identity Construction in South Africa, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas and Jack Thomas.
Gender, Masculinities, Identities and Interpersonal Relationship Systems: Men in General and Gay Men in Particular, James Chesebro.

5. Verbal Intercultural Communication.

Narrative: Frustration, Misunderstanding, Laughter.
What is Language?
The Structure of Language.
The Characteristics of Language.
Language and Culture.
Multiple Perspectives: African-American Women Conceive their Talk, Marsha Houston.
Intercultural Conflict Styles, Stella Ting-Toomey and John Oetzel.

6. Nonverbal Intercultural Communication.

Narrative: Shopping with the Bedouins.
Importance of Nonverbal Communication.
Universality of Nonverbal Communication.
Functions of Nonverbal Communication.
Nonverbal Communication Codes.
Virtual Grave Sites Play Host to Filial but Busy Chinese, Matt Forney.
Bound by Beauty: Chinese Footbinding, Pamela Cooper.

7. Listening.

Narrative: Listening in the Japanese Garden.
Definition of Listening.
Importance of Active Listening.
Levels of Listening.
Barriers to Effective Listening.
Effective Listening Across Cultures.
Perspectives on Intercultural Listening, Melissa Beall.

8. Family and Friends.

Narrative: The Spaces In-Between, Laura Elizabeth Pearson Cooper.
Defining Relationships.
Relationship Development Stages.
Cultural Differences in Relationship Development Stages.
Family Relationships.
Friendship Relationships.
Mate Selection Among Asian Indians Living in America: A Quest for Traditional Ritual, Archana J. Bhatt.
It's Not Blarney: Intergenerational Transmission of Communication Patterns in Irish American Families, Kathleen Galvin.

9. Education.

Narrative: Why Can't We Discuss It?
The Functions of Schools.
Cultural Dimensions.
Recognizing Differences in Learning.
Understanding Cultural Differences.
Communication Effectiveness in an Intercultural Classroom.
There's a Lizard in My Living Room and a Pigeon in My Classroom, Janet MacLennan.

10. Economics, Business, and Intercultural Communication.

Narrative: How Do I Criticize? Let Me Count the Ways.
Global Transformation.
New People in the Workplace.
Changing Concept of Global Economic Community.
Uncertainty Reduction.
Using Economic Arrangements to Explain Intercultural Communication.
Values and Life Style Patterns.
Information and Decision Making.
Intercultural Communication in the Business Context.
The Cultural Practice of Law or How to Successfully Do a Deal in a Foreign Jurisdiction, J. Richard Hoel, Jr.
''Even the White Ants Confer Before They Scatter'': The Use of the Proverb in West African Peacemaking Traditions, Mary Adams Trujillo.

11. Health.

Narrative: The Malaysian Doctor.
Health Belief Systems.
Intercultural Barriers of Effective Health Care.
Do Doctors Eat Brains?, Anne Fadiman.
Multicultural Tales in Applied Contexts: Unexpected Journeys into Healing and Interconnectedness in Hospitals and Courtrooms, Sunwolf.

12. Media and Technology.

Narrative: A Cell Phone on the Great Wall?
Popular Culture.
Norms and the Media.
Gender, Class, Race and the Media.
Media and Power.
Advertising and the Media.
Culture and the Internet.
International Dimensions and Flow of Information.
Rap Music and (Re)articulation of Chicanismo, Fernando Pedro Delgado.
Perceived Typicality: American Television as Seen by Mexicans, Turks, and Americans, Alice Hall, Todd Anten, and Idil Cakim.

13. Ethics.

Narrative: Can I Keep the Diamond Bracelet?
Empathy and Sympathy.
Moral Reasoning.
Ethical Sentiments: Paths to Intercultural Behavior.
Collective Morality: Some Effects on Human Behavior.
Credo for Ethical Communication, National Communication Assoication.

14. Developing Competence.

Narrative: Competency Practices, J. Richard Hoel, Jr.
Factors Shaping Individual Ability.
Factors Influencing Intercultural Competence: A Synthesis.
Local and Global Dimensions.
Improving Intercultural Competence.
Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication, LaRay Barna.
Communication Competence: Problematics in Ethnic Friendships, Mary Jane Collier.