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Intermediate Microeconomics : A Modern Approach

Intermediate Microeconomics : A Modern Approach - 5th edition

Intermediate Microeconomics : A Modern Approach - 5th edition

ISBN13: 9780393973709
ISBN10: 0393973700
Intermediate Microeconomics : A Modern Approach by Hal R. Varian - ISBN 9780393973709
Edition: 5TH 99
Copyright: 1999
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co.
International: No
Intermediate Microeconomics : A Modern Approach by Hal R. Varian - ISBN 9780393973709
ISBN13: 9780393973709
ISBN10: 0393973700
Edition: 5TH 99
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Now in its Fifth Edition, Intermediate Microeconomics continues to set the standard for courses around the world. Modern in its coverage and insightful in its exposition, the text bears the unique stamp of its author, renowned scholar and teacher Hal R. Varian. The new edition features expanded coverage of strategic behavior, including a completely new chapter on auctions. Complemented by an impressive array of electronic and print ancillaries, Intermediate Microeconomics, Fifth Edition, is the right choice for your state-of-the-art microeconomics course.

  • New Chapter on Auctions - One of the oldest forms of markets, auctions have assumed new prominence in recent years. In the new Chapter 17, Varian introduces students to this engaging material. He explains the economic properties of different types of auctions, as well as the strategic dimensions of auction design and bidding.
  • Focus on Information Technology - A pioneer in the economics of information technology, Varian devotes a full chapter to this lively topic (Chapter 34). New to the Fifth Edition are discussions relating to strategic issues such as systems competition, lock-in effects, and rights management.
  • A Proven Success - Adopted by hundreds of instructors at a wide range of schools, this book is a proven success in the classroom. Varian's outstanding exposition takes shape in brief, lecture-sized chapters that encourage students to read the material carefully and allow instructors to tailor reading assignments to their particular courses.

Author Bio

Varian, Hal R. : University of California-Berkeley

Hal R. Varian is dean of the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California, Berkeley, where he received his Ph.D. He also holds joint appointments in Berkeley's economics department and its Haas School of Business. Professor Varian earned his S.B. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has taught at the University of Michigan, MIT, Stanford University, University of Siena (Italy), University of Stockholm, Niffield College at Oxford, and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. His recent book with Carl Shapiro, Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy, has been widely hailed as a pathbreaking work on the information economy.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Market
2. Budget Constraint
3. Preferences
4. Utility
5. Choice
6. Demand
7. Revealed Preference
8. Slutsky Equation
9. Buying and Selling
10. Intertemporal Choice
11. Asset Markets
12. Uncertainty
13. Risky Assets
14. Consumer's Surplus
15. Market Demand
16. Equilibrium
17. Auctions
18. Technology
19. Profit Maximization
20. Cost Minimization
21. Cost Curves
22. Firm Supply
23. Industry Supply
24. Monopoly
25. Monopoly Behavior
26. Factor Markets
27. Oligopoly
28. Game Theory
29. Exchange
30. Production
31. Welfare
32. Externalities
33. Law and Economics
34. Information Technology
35. Public Goods
36. Asymmetric Information