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International Corporate Finance

International Corporate Finance - 96 edition

International Corporate Finance - 96 edition

ISBN13: 9780030693069

ISBN10: 0030693063

International Corporate Finance by Mark Eaker, Frank Fabozzi and Dwight M. Grant - ISBN 9780030693069
Edition: 96
Copyright: 1996
Publisher: Dryden Press
International: No
International Corporate Finance by Mark Eaker, Frank Fabozzi and Dwight M. Grant - ISBN 9780030693069

ISBN13: 9780030693069

ISBN10: 0030693063

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This is the first international finance textbook to integrate cases and text to deliver a real hands-on, problem-solving approach based on sound financial theory. Up-to-date cases and problem sets are based on actual situations and data. Students are exposed to the most pressing problems facing multinational companies and are equipped with the skills necessary to solve those problems.

  • Emphasizes how to be an international financial manager, with a special discussion at the end of every chapter - "Implications for Managers." This discussion explains how the chapter concepts affect financial decisions.
  • More than just a case book, the text chapters are fully developed. The extensive problems and end-of-chapter material can be used separately from the cases providing flexibility for undergraduate and graduate curriculums.
  • Cases, problem sets, and examples are integrated with each chapter, immersing students in real business situations.
  • Each case supplies the institutional background and data necessary to analyze a variety of alternatives and to determine the tradeoffs represented by choosing among them. Cases are from the most well-respected sources - Darden, Harvard, and the International Institute for Management Development.
  • The text emphasizes risk management, especially in Chapters 4 through 7, providing both the theory and detailed examples in an area important for today's manager.
  • As an example of the integration of theory and application, Chapter 5 takes students successfully through the essentials of hedging, one of the most difficult and often poorly handled concepts of international finance courses.
  • Rich, current institutional descriptions of international capital markets provide detail on this crucial financing topic found in no other international finance book.

Author Bio

Eaker, Mark : University of Virginia

Darden School, University of Virginia, Ph.D., Stanford

Fabozzi, Frank : Fabozzi Associates/Yale University

Ph.D., Baruch

Grant, Dwight M. : University of New Mexico Main Campus

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. International Monetary Relationships

1. International Finance and the International Challenge

Case 1.1 ABB Asea Brown Boveri (A): The Merger

2. Balance of Payments: A Nation's International Profile

Case 2.1 Mexico-1982


3. International Monetary Arrangements and Adjustment Mechanisms

Case 3.1 Dollar Disequilibrium in 1990

4. Currency Trading and Parity Relationships

Case 4.1 The Mexican Peso: 1995

5. Creating and Adjusting Currency Positions

Case 5.1 Dozier Industries (A)
Case 5.2 Dozier Industries (B)

6. Advanced Topics in Forecasting: Hedging and Options

Case 6.1 Video Systems, Inc.

7. Exposure Measurement and Management

Case 7.1 Dow Europe
Case 7.2 Western Mining

III. International Investment

8. Investing in Foreign Operations

Case 8.1 International Paper: The Aussedat-Rey Acquisition
Case 8.2 First Wachovia Corporation

9. International Capital Budgeting

Case 9.1 Grand Metropolitan PLC
Case 9.2 Olin Corporation

10. Overview of Corporate Tax Considerations

Case 10.1 A.P.S., S.A.
Case 10.2 The Procter & Gamble Company: Mexico 1991

11. Political Risk

Case 11.1 Rodale Press in the Commonwealth of Independent States

IV. International Capital Markets

12. Overview of Global Capital Markets

Case 12.1 British Telecommunications, PLC

13. Eurobonds

Case 13.1 The Travelers Corporation

14. Medium- and Short-Term Funds

Case 14.1 Japanese Yen Short-Term Note

15. Customized Risk Control Agreements