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Introduction to Clinical Allied Healthcare

Introduction to Clinical Allied Healthcare - 2nd edition

Introduction to Clinical Allied Healthcare - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780892625512

ISBN10: 0892625511

Introduction to Clinical Allied Healthcare by Debra L. Garber - ISBN 9780892625512
Edition: 2ND 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Career Pub., Inc.
International: No
Introduction to Clinical Allied Healthcare by Debra L. Garber - ISBN 9780892625512

ISBN13: 9780892625512

ISBN10: 0892625511

Edition: 2ND 98

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This core text covers topics that every clinical allied healthcare worker needs to know. Written and edited by registered nurses and experienced educators, Introduction to Clinical Allied Healthcare, Second Edition provides an educational foundation in anatomy, professional ethics, healthful living, and the healthcare environment. The text also provides information on basic clinical skills relating to asepsis, New Standard Precautions, patient care, vital signs, and first aid.

Each chapter contains Objectives, Key Terms, a Chapter Summary, and Student Enrichment Activities. The book also includes the following:

The Manual Alphabet (for communicating with the deaf)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction to Healthcare Facilities

Chapter Two: The Acute Care Hospital

Chapter Three: Hospital Employees and Medical Staff

Chapter Four: The Allied Health Worker, the Law, and Professional Ethics

Chapter Five: Understanding the Patient as a Person

Chapter Six: Communication Skills

Chapter Seven: The Safe Workplace

Chapter Eight: Disasters: Preparedness, Hazards, and Prevention

Chapter Nine: Infection Control

Chapter Ten: Fundamental Skills

Chapter Eleven: Fundamental Patient Care Equipment

Chapter Twelve: Introduction to Medical Terminology

Chapter Thirteen: An Introduction to the Human Body

Chapter Fourteen: Support, Movement, and Protection: The Skeletal, Muscular, and Integumentary Systems

Chapter Fifteen: Transporting and Transmitting: The Circulatory, Lymphatic, and Nervous Systems

Chapter Sixteen: Excretion: The Respiratory, Digestive, and Urinary Systems

Chapter Seventeen: The Specialties: The Sensory, Endocrine, and Reproductive Systems

Chapter Eighteen: Basic First Aid

Chapter Nineteen: Healthful Living

Chapter Twenty: Career Planning