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Introduction to Global Politics

Introduction to Global Politics - 2nd edition

Introduction to Global Politics - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780199934072

ISBN10: 019993407X

Introduction to Global Politics by Steven Lamy - ISBN 9780199934072
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 13
Copyright: 2013
Publisher: Oxford University Press
International: No
Introduction to Global Politics by Steven Lamy - ISBN 9780199934072

ISBN13: 9780199934072

ISBN10: 019993407X

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 13
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Introduction to Global Politics,Second Edition, brings together an expert team of international scholars to provide students with a current, engaging, and non-U.S. perspective on global politics. It shows students how to analyze global political events using theoretical approaches--both mainstream and alternative--and emphasizes non-state actors more than other textbooks.


* ''Thinking about Global Politics'' boxes at the end of each chapter give students the opportunity to develop their critical-thinking skills and apply their knowledge to activities dealing with real-world issues

* ''Engaging with the World'' boxes suggest ways that students can get involved with activist organizations

* Additional non-Western examples and a more even integration of critical approaches throughout provide more balanced coverage

* A new chapter (7) on Nongovernmental Actors includes expanded coverage of NGOs, transnational social movements, corporations, celebrity diplomacy, and networks

* Updates throughout examine recent events and trends including the Arab Spring, the rise of China, and the continuing effects of the global economic crisis

* New case studies offer in-depth looks at sexual violence, cyber-terrorism, and more


* ''Global Perspective'' essays: Included in every chapter, these essays open windows onto other parts of the world, showing how other countries and world organizations perceive and manage global politics

* ''Theory in Practice'' essays: Demonstrating the explanatory power of theories in global politics, these essays examine real-world scenarios using a variety of theoretical lenses

* ''Case Study'' essays: These boxed essays delve into timely and teachable moments from world events, providing students with more in-depth analyses of specific topics

* ''What's Your