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Introduction to Modern Virology

Introduction to Modern Virology - 6th edition

Introduction to Modern Virology - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9781405136457

ISBN10: 1405136456

Introduction to Modern Virology by Nigel Dimmock - ISBN 9781405136457
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 6TH 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
International: No
Introduction to Modern Virology by Nigel Dimmock - ISBN 9781405136457

ISBN13: 9781405136457

ISBN10: 1405136456

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 6TH 07

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Introduction to Modern Virology has been an established student text for over 25 years. Providing an integrated account of the subject across different host systems, with an emphasis on human and animal viruses, this book covers the field of virology from molecular biology to disease processes using a unique systems approach. Featuring an all new art program in full color, the new edition has been updated throughout, and reorganized into thematic sections on the fundamental nature of viruses, their growth in cells, their interactions with the host organism and their role as agents of human disease. There is a new chapter on Human Viral Disease and rapidly developing areas, such as the use of viruses as gene therapy vectors, have been included.

The 6th edition is even more accessible, now including key points and integrative questions in every chapter, as well as text boxes emphasizing take-home messages, evidence underpinning the main concepts, and further information for more advanced readers. Prevention and therapy, evolution and emerging viruses receive particular attention and specific chapters address the major infectious challenges posed by HIV, pandemic influenza and BSE. This highly accessible text provides ideal reading for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of biology and medicine wishing to study virology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Part I: What is a virus?:

1. Towards a Definition of a Virus
2. Some Methods for Studying Animal Viruses
3. The Structure of Virus Particles
4. Classification of Viruses

Part II: Virus Growth in Cells:

5. The Process of Infection: I. Attachment of Viruses and the Entry of Their Genomes into the Target Cell
6. The Process of Infection: IIA. The Replication of Viral DNA
7. The Process of Infection: IIB. Genome Replication in RNA Viruses
8. The Process of Infection: IIC. The Replication of RNA Viruses with a DNA Intermediate and Vice Versa
9. The Process of Infection: IIIA. Gene Expression in DNA Viruses and Reverse-Transcribing Viruses
10. The Process of Infection: IIIB. Gene Expression and its Regulation in RNA Viruses
11. The Process of Infection: IV. The Assembly of Viruses

Part III: Virus Interactions with the Whole Organism:

12. The Immune System and Virus Neutralization
13. Interactions Between Animal Viruses and Cells
14. Animal Virus - Host Interactions
15. Mechanisms in Virus Latency
16. Transmission of Viruses
17. The Evolution of Viruses

Part IV: Viruses and Disease:

18. Human Viral Disease: An Overview
19. HIV & AIDS
20. Carcinogenesis and Tumor Viruses
21. Vaccines and Antivirals: The Prevention and Treatment of Virus Diseases
22. Prion Diseases
23. Horizons in Human Virology

Appendixes: Survey of Virus Properties