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Introduction to Old English

Introduction to Old English - 2nd edition

Introduction to Old English - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9781405152723

ISBN10: 1405152729

Introduction to Old English by Peter Baker - ISBN 9781405152723
Edition: 2ND 08
Copyright: 2008
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers
International: No
Introduction to Old English by Peter Baker - ISBN 9781405152723

ISBN13: 9781405152723

ISBN10: 1405152729

Edition: 2ND 08

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Introduction to Old English is the leading text available designed to help students engage with Old English literary and historical texts for the first time. This new edition builds on the success of the original and includes an expanded anthology and new, easy-to-use glossary.

  • Assumes no expertise in other languages or in traditional grammar
  • Includes basic grammar reviews at the beginning of each major chapter
  • Features 'Minitexts' to give students practice reading Old English
  • Includes two chapters on syntax and three on reading poetry
  • Provides a collection of key Old English texts, including 'The Wanderer', 'The Dream of the Rood' and 'Judith'
  • Accompanied by the author's Old English Aerobics website featuring additional readings and exercises

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Anglo-Saxons and Their Language

1.1 Who Were They?
1.2 Where Did Their Language Come From?
1.3 What Was Old English Like?
1.4 Old English Dialects

2. Pronunciation

2.1 Quick Start
2.2 More About Vowels
2.3 More About c and g
2.4 Syllable Length
2.5 Accentuation
2.6 On-line Pronunciation Practice
2.7 Summary

3. Basic Grammar: A Review

3.1 Parts of Speech
3.2 Phrases
3.3 Clauses
3.4 Elements of the Sentence or Clause

4. Case

4.1 What is Case?
4.2 Uses of the Cases

5. Pronouns

5.1 Quick Start
5.2 More about Personal and Demonstrative Pronouns
5.3 Interrogative Pronouns
5.4 Indefinite Pronouns
5.5 Relative Pronouns
5.6 Reflexive Pronouns
5.7 Reciprocal Pronouns

6. Nouns

6.1 Quick Start
6.2 More about Strong Nouns
6.3 Minor Declensions

7. Verbs

7.1 Quick Start
7.2 More about Endings
7.3 More about Weak Verbs
7.4 More about Strong Verbs
7.5 Verbs with Weak Presents and Strong Pasts
7.6 More about Preterite-Present Verbs
7.7 Dôn, gân, willan
7.8 Negation
7.9 The Verbals
7.10 The Subjunctive

8. Adjectives

8.1 Quick Start
8.2 Strong Adjectives
8.3 Weak Adjectives
8.4 Comparison of Adjectives

9. Numerals

9.1 Quick Start
9.2 Cardinal Numbers
9.3 Ordinal Numbers

10. Adverbs, Conjunctions and Prepositions

10.1 Quick Start
10.2 Adverbs
10.3 Conjunctions
10.4 Correlation
10.5 Prepositions

11. Concord

11.1 Quick Start
11.2 Subject and Verb
11.3 Pronoun and Antecedent
11.4 Noun and Modifiers
11.5 Bad Grammar?

12. Word-order

12.1 Quick Start
12.2 Subject-Verb
12.3 Verb-Subject
12.4 Subject . . . Verb
12.5 Correlation
12.6 Periphrastic Verbs

13. Metre

13.1 Alliteration
13.2 Rhythm

14. Poetic Style

14.1 Vocabulary
14.2 Variation
14.3 Formulas

15. The Grammar of Poetry

15.1 Inflections
15.2 Syntax

16. Reading Old English Manuscripts

16.1 Construction of the Manuscript
16.2 The Old English Alphabet
16.3 Abbreviations
16.4 Punctuation and Capitalization
16.5 Word- and Line-division
16.6 Errors and Corrections

Appendix A Common Spelling Variants

A.1 Vowels of Accented Syllables
A.2 Unaccented Syllables
A.3 Consonants

Appendix B Phonetic Symbols and Terms

B.1 International Phonetic Alphabet symbols
B.2 Phonetic Terms

Appendix C Further Reading

C.1 General Works
C.2 Grammars
C.3 Dictionaries and Concordances
C.4 Bibliographies
C.5 Old English Texts and Translations
C.6 Literary Criticism; Sources and Analogues; Metre
C.7 History and Culture
C.8 Manuscripts, Art and Archaeology
C.9 On-line Aids
C.10 One-line Amusements


1. The Fall of Adam and Eve
2. The Life of St Æthelthryth
3. Ælfric on the Book of Job
4. Cynewulf and Cyneheard
5. The Martyrdom of Ælfheah
6. William the Conqueror
7. Sermo Lupi ad Anglos
8. Ohthere and Wulfstan
9. The Story of Cædmon
10. Boethius on Fame
11. A Lyric for Advent
12. The Battle of Maldon
13. The Wanderer
14. The Dream of the Rood
15. Wulf and Eadwacer
16. The Wife's Lament
17. The Husband's Message
18. Judith

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