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Introduction to Property

Introduction to Property - 2nd edition

Introduction to Property - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780735546585

ISBN10: 0735546584

Introduction to Property by Joseph William Singer - ISBN 9780735546585
Edition: 2ND 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Aspen Law
International: No
Introduction to Property by Joseph William Singer - ISBN 9780735546585

ISBN13: 9780735546585

ISBN10: 0735546584

Edition: 2ND 05

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With a stronger emphasis on accessibility, the Second Edition of INTRODUCTION TO PROPERTY gives students a much-needed overview of the law of property, addressing all the classic and contemporary topics covered in the typical first-year course. Equally useful with any casebook, this exceptional paperback text: clearly explains property rules and doctrine through a textual treatment, describing the complicated and antiquated property laws in a lively, contemporary manner and including numerous examples to help students understand the law emphasizes disagreements among states about the applicable rules of property law, with explanations of why states adopt different rules clarifies the norms and policy bases of property law through a balanced account of the various theoretical approaches to property, enabling students to understand the reasoning behind the law, including the reasons why states do not always agree on what rules to follow teaches students to spot issues by explaining how courts interpret ambiguous elements in rules and identifying situations likely to give rise to exceptions prepares students for class and for exams by modeling correct answers to hard cases in which the law is unclear. By giving short summaries of the strongest arguments on both sides, students learn real-world skills for analyzing problems, rather than just memorizing black letter law. draws on the expertise of Joseph Singer, a leading property scholar who has authored a very popular property casebook maintains a balanced perspective The Second Edition introduces much new material: the text is redesigned for easier access, with special features highlighted so they can be easily distinguished from the rest of the text new Supreme Court cases on regulatory takings law new court interpretations of the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act new state statutes, such as the New York statute prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in housing and public accommodations footnotes, cases, and statutes updated with citations to recent cases updated problems reflect recent court decisions.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Part I: The Right to Exclude and the Right of Access

Chapter 2. Trespass and Public Accommodations Law

Part II: Relationships Among Neighbors

Chapter 3. Nuisance
Chapter 4. Adverse Possession
Chapter 5. Licenses and Easements
Chapter 6. Covenants

Part III: Common Ownership

Chapter 7. Present Estates and Future Interests
Chapter 8. Concurrent Ownership
Chapter 9. Family Property

Part IV: Regulation of the Market for Shelter

Chapter 10. Leaseholds
Chapter 11. Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 12. Fair Housing Law

Part V: Public Land Use Planning

Chapter 13 Land Use Regulation
Chapter 14. Regulatory Takings

Part VI: Tribal Property

Chapter 15. American Indian Property

Part VII: Personal and Intellectual Property

Chapter 16. Personal and Intellectual Property
Table of Statutes Table of Restatements

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