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Introduction to Unix and Linux Lab Manual

Introduction to Unix and Linux Lab Manual - 03 edition

Introduction to Unix and Linux Lab Manual - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780072226942

ISBN10: 0072226943

Introduction to Unix and Linux Lab Manual by Catherine Creary and Lee Cottrell - ISBN 9780072226942
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Osborne/Mcgraw Hill, Inc.
International: No
Introduction to Unix and Linux Lab Manual by Catherine Creary and Lee Cottrell - ISBN 9780072226942

ISBN13: 9780072226942

ISBN10: 0072226943

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 03
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Ideal for students with little or no computer experience, this lab manual and learning tool is filled with skill-building exercises, materials lists and set-up instructions, step-by-step lab scenarios, and clear explanations. And, it's written by a leading UNIX and Linux curriculum developer and instructor, making it perfect for both learning--and teaching--the basics.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Logging On to the System

Lab Exercise 1.01: Logging On to a Linux System
Lab Exercise 1.02: Exploring UNIX and Linux

Chapter 2 Touring the System

Lab Exercise 2.01: Working with the Shell
Lab Exercise 2.02: Exploring the File System
Lab Exercise 2.03: Using Utilities to Manage Files
Lab Exercise 2.04: Using man to Learn the Function of Switches
Lab Exercise 2.05: Using man to Find Pages by Keyword
Lab Exercise 2.06: Using the info Utility to Find Detailed Descriptions of Commands
Lab Exercise 2.07: Finding Answers to UNIX/Linux Questions Online

Chapter 3 Touring Utilities, Shell Instructions, and Processes

Lab Exercise 3.01: Employing Powerful Utilities
Lab Exercise 3.02: Managing Input and Output from Utilities
Lab Exercise 3.03: Working with Special Characters
Lab Exercise 3.04: Modifying the User Environment
Lab Exercise 3.05: Creating Shell Scripts

Chapter 4 Editing with the Visual Editor

Lab Exercise 4.01: Working in an Existing File
Lab Exercise 4.02: Navigating Through a Text File
Lab Exercise 4.03: Creating and Appending a Text File
Lab Exercise 4.04: Issuing Instructions to the Shell and Visual Editor
Lab Exercise 4.05: Making Text Changes

Chapter 5 Using Basic Linux and UNIX Utilities

Lab Exercise 5.01: Counting Elements in a File
Lab Exercise 5.02: Employing Search Utilities
Lab Exercise 5.03: Performing Math Calculations
Lab Exercise 5.04: Sorting Through Files
Lab Exercise 5.05: Modifying and Manipulating Data

Chapter 6 Using Multiple Utilities in Scripts

Lab Exercise 6.01: Employing Utilities to Obtain Information
Lab Exercise 6.02: Exploring Directories and Files
Lab Exercise 6.03: Creating a Complex Word Analysis Script

Chapter 7 Creating and Changing Directories

Lab Exercise 7.01: Creating Directories
Lab Exercise 7.02: Managing Files and Directories
Lab Exercise 7.03: Accessing Files in Directories
Lab Exercise 7.04: Working with File Links to Directories

Chapter 8 Specifying Instructions to the Shell

Lab Exercise 8.01: Identifying Portions of the Command Line
Lab Exercise 8.02: Finding Utilities on the System
Lab Exercise 8.03: Using Command Substitution to Write Simple Scripts
Lab Exercise 8.04: Writing Wildcard Expressions
Lab Exercise 8.05: Redirecting Errors
Lab Exercise 8.06: Gathering Error Numbers
Lab Exercise 8.07: Modifying the bash Environment

Chapter 9 Setting File and Directory Permissions

Lab Exercise 9.01: Defining Permissions Based on Number
Lab Exercise 9.02: Creating an Archive Script
Lab Exercise 9.03: Setting Permissions on Files and Folders
Lab Exercise 9.04: Setting the umask

Chapter 10 Controlling User Processes

Lab Exercise 10.01: Listing Running Jobs
Lab Exercise 10.02: Terminating Jobs
Lab Exercise 10.03: Suspending and Activating Jobs
Lab Exercise 10.04: Terminating Jobs for Other Users
Lab Exercise 10.05: Using nohup to Run Processes After Logging Out

Chapter 11 Managing, Printing, and Archiving Large Files

Lab Exercise 11.01: Compressing a File
Lab Exercise 11.02: Saving Files to Disk
Lab Exercise 11.03: Splitting a Large File
Lab Exercise 11.04: Removing Files by Owner
Lab Exercise 11.05: Formatting a Document for Printing

Chapter 12 Accessing and Touring Graphical Desktops

Lab Exercise 12.01: Performing File Management Tasks
Lab Exercise 12.02: Customizing the Desktop
Lab Exercise 12.03: Using Included Gnome Applications
Lab Exercise 12.04: Configuring the Internet Settings

Chapter 13 Administering a Linux PC System

Lab Exercise 13.01: Shutting Down and Restarting UNIX/Linux
Lab Exercise 13.02: Managing User Accounts
Lab Exercise 13.03: Solving User Problems
Lab Exercise 13.04: Making a Linux Boot Disk
Lab Exercise 13.05: Installing the Apache Web Server