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Introduction to the History of Mathematics

Introduction to the History of Mathematics - 6th edition

Introduction to the History of Mathematics - 6th edition

ISBN13: 9780030295584

ISBN10: 0030295580

Introduction to the History of Mathematics by Howard W. Eves - ISBN 9780030295584
Edition: 6TH 90
Copyright: 1990
Publisher: Saunders College Division
International: No
Introduction to the History of Mathematics by Howard W. Eves - ISBN 9780030295584

ISBN13: 9780030295584

ISBN10: 0030295580

Edition: 6TH 90

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This classic best-seller by a well-known author introduces mathematics history to math and math education majors. Suggested essay topics and problem studies challenge students.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Each chapter ends with Problem Studies, Essay Topics, and a Bibliography.

Part One: Before the 17th Century

I. Cultural Connections: The Hunters of the Savanna (The Stone Age)

1 Numeral Systems

II. Cultural Connections: The Agricultural Revolution (The Cradles of Civilization)

2. Babylonian and Egyptian Mathematics

III. Cultural Connections: The Philosophers of the Agora (Hellenic Greece)

3. Pythagorean Mathematics
4. Duplication, Trisection, and Quadrature

IV. Cultural Connections: The Oikoumene (The Persian Empire, Hellenistic Greece, and the Roman Empire)

5. Euclid and His Elements
6. Greek Mathematics After Euclid

V. Cultural Connections: The Asian Empires (China, India, and the Rise of Islam)

7. Chinese, Hindu, and Arabian Mathematics

VI. Cultural Connections: Serfs, Lords, and Popes (The European Middle Ages)

8. European Mathematics, 500 to 1600

Part Two: The 17th Century and After

VII. Cultural Connections: Puritans and Sea Dogs (The Expansion of Europe)

9. The Dawn of Modern Mathematics
10. Analytic Geometry and Other Precalculus Developments
11. The Calculus and Related Concepts

VIII. Cultural Connections: The Revolt of the Middle Class (The 18th Century in Europe and America)

12. The 18th Century and the Exploitation of the Calculus

IX. Cultural Connections: The Industrial Revolution (The 19th Century)

13. The Early 19th Century and the Liberation of Geometry and Algebra
14. The Late 19th Century and the Arithmetization of Analysis

X. Cultural Connections: The Atom and the Spinning Wheel (The 20th Century)

15. Transition into the 20th Century

General Bibliography
A Chronological Table
Answers and Suggestions for the Solutions of the Problem Studies