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Introductory Chemistry (Paper)

Introductory Chemistry (Paper) - 3rd edition

Introductory Chemistry (Paper) - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780495013327

ISBN10: 0495013323

Introductory Chemistry (Paper) by Mark S. Cracolice and Edward I. Peters - ISBN 9780495013327
Edition: 3RD 07
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.
International: No
Introductory Chemistry (Paper) by Mark S. Cracolice and Edward I. Peters - ISBN 9780495013327

ISBN13: 9780495013327

ISBN10: 0495013323

Edition: 3RD 07

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The new Third Edition of INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY: AN ACTIVE LEARNING APPROACH gives you the tools you need to teach the course your way. As the book's "Active Learning Approach" subtitle suggests, the authors provide a question-and-answer presentation that allows students to actively learn chemistry while studying an assignment. This approach is reflected in three words of advice and encouragement that are repeated throughout the book: Learn It Now! When students encounter the Learn It Now! icon, an example leads them through a series of steps where they "listen" to the authors guide them step by step to the solution. As they solve the problem, they actively write each step, covering the answer with the shield provided in the book. This feature turns the common passive "read the author's solution" approach to examples into an active "work the problem while guided by the authors" methodology.

As with previous editions, this text allows professors to tailor the order of chapters to accommodate their particular needs through two flexible formats--a standard paperbound edition and loose-leaf edition. This flexibility is achieved not only by carefully writing each topic so it never assumes prior knowledge, but also by including any and all necessary preview or review information needed to learn that topic.

The new Third Edition has been streamlined and now integrates new features such as helpful technological resources, coached problems, and enhanced art and photography, all of which dovetail with the text's active learning approach.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Chemistry; Introduction to Active Learning.

2. Matter and Energy.

3. Measurement and Chemical Calculations.

4. Introduction to Gases.

5. Atomic Theory: The Nuclear Model of the Atom.

6. Chemical Nomenclature.

7. Chemical Formula Relationships.

8. Chemical Reactions.

9. Chemical Change.

10. Quantity Relationships in Chemical Reactions.

11. Atomic Theory: The Quantum Model of the Atom.

12. Chemical Bonding.

13. Structure and Shape.

14. The Ideal Gas Law and Its Applications.

15. Gases, Liquids, and Solids.

16. Solutions.

17. Acid-Base (Proton-Transfer) Reactions.

18. Chemical Equilibrium.

19. Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions.

20. Nuclear Chemistry.

21. Organic Chemistry.

22. Biochemistry.

Appendix I: Chemical Calculations.

Appendix II: The SI System of Units.