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Introductory Plant Biology

Introductory Plant Biology - 8th edition

Introductory Plant Biology - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780072510065

ISBN10: 0072510064

Introductory Plant Biology by Kingsley R. Stern - ISBN 9780072510065
Edition: 8TH 00
Copyright: 1988
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
Introductory Plant Biology by Kingsley R. Stern - ISBN 9780072510065

ISBN13: 9780072510065

ISBN10: 0072510064

Edition: 8TH 00

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Introductory botany for non-majors and combined non-majors/majors courses. This freshman/sophomore course can be found in community colleges, technical schools, 4-year colleges and universities. The text includes the standard topics of botany in conventional sequence that starts with the cellular level and proceeds to ecology (micro-macro).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introductory Plant Biology, 8th edition

Chapter One- The Development of Plant Study

Chapter Two- The Nature of Life

Chapter Three- Cells

Chapter Four- Tissues

Chapter Five- Roots and Soils

Chapter Six- Stems

Chapter Seven- Leaves

Chapter Eight- Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds

Chapter Nine- Water in Plants

Chapter Ten- Plant Metabolism

Chapter Eleven- Growth

Chapter Twelve- Meiosis and Alternation of Generations

Chapter Thirteen- Genetics

Chapter Fourteen- Plant Propagation and Biotechnology

Chapter Fifteen- Evolution

Chapter Sixteen- Plant Names and Classification

Chapter Seventeen- Kingdom Monera and Viruses

Chapter Eighteen- Kingdom Protoctista

Chapter Nineteen- Kingdom Fungi and Lichens

Chapter Twenty- Introduction to the Plant Kingdom: Bryophytes

Chapter Twenty One- Introduction to Vascular Plants: Ferns and Their Relatives

Chapter Twenty Two- Introduction to Seed Plants: Gymnosperms

Chapter Twenty Three- Flowering Plants

Chapter Twenty Four- Flowering Plants and Civilization

Chapter Twenty Five- Ecology

Chapter Twenty Six- Biomes