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Italian is Fun, Book 1

Italian is Fun, Book 1 - 88 edition

Italian is Fun, Book 1 - 88 edition

ISBN13: 9780877205975

ISBN10: 0877205973

Italian is Fun, Book 1 by Concetta Giuliano and Heywood Wald - ISBN 9780877205975
Edition: 88
Copyright: 1988
Publisher: Amsco School Publications, Inc.
International: No
Italian is Fun, Book 1 by Concetta Giuliano and Heywood Wald - ISBN 9780877205975

ISBN13: 9780877205975

ISBN10: 0877205973

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Purpose: To provide students with a basal text that will help them attain acceptable levels of proficiency in basic communicative skills. The book provides enough materials for a one-year course in junior high school as well as beginning high school courses.

Motivates students to learn Italian through lessons that are really fun.

Develops basic communicative skills through simple materials. Uses visual cues for learning and practice.

Provides topical contexts to which students can easily relate.

Teaches vocabulary through lively drawings that convey meanings of words without the need of English.

Makes extensive use of cognates to show students that Italian is not so "foreign" after all.

Presents structure inductively, guiding students into making their own discoveries and formulating their own conclusions.

Provides exercises of various types, many with picture cues.

Develops conversational skill through personalized practice.

Features short, entertaining narratives and/or playlets that illustrate new vocabulary and structures.

Rounds out lessons with illustrated conversations, personalized dialog exercises, and other practice.

Makes cultural connections in the narratives, playlets, and personalized communicative practice.

Includes review units after every four lessons featuring games, puzzles, picture stories, and other practice.

Two Achievement Tests.