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Keep Moving! : It's Aerobic Dance

Keep Moving! : It's Aerobic Dance - 4th edition

Keep Moving! : It's Aerobic Dance - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780767412001

ISBN10: 0767412001

Keep Moving! : It
Edition: 4TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Mayfield Publishing Co.
International: No
Keep Moving! : It

ISBN13: 9780767412001

ISBN10: 0767412001

Edition: 4TH 00

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Author Bio

Pryor, Esther : Solano College

Kraines, Minda Goodman :

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Getting Started on a Healthy Lifestyle

Medical Considerations
Structure of an Aerobic Workout
Regular Attendance
Individual Pace
What to Wear
What to Bring to Class
Checklist for a Successful Class

2. Benefits of the Aerobic Workout

Bodily Changes During a Workout
Benefits of Aerobics

3. What the Heart Rate Tells Us

Resting Heart Rate
Target Heart Rate
Other Techniques for Measuring Intensity
Recovery Heart Rate

4. Fitness Components and Principles

Energy Production in the Body
Training Principles
Body Composition

5. Posture Perfect--or Imperfect?

Posture, Body Alignment, and Placement
Alignment Reference Points
Correct Alignment
Postural Deviations
Do's and Don'ts for Correct Posture
Lower Back Pain
Exercises to Avoid

6. Take Care of Your Body

How to Survive the Aerobic Workout
Follow Your Feelings
Pain--A Friendly Signal
Signs of Overtraining
Exercise Considerations for Special Conditions
RICE: The Recipe for First Aid
Self-Care Injuries
Injuries Needing Professional Attention

7. Nutrition and Diet

Weight Loss: "The Set Point" Theory
Weight Loss Fallacies
Eating Disorders
Success in Weight Control

8. Floor Aerobic Movements

When to Use These Movements
Locomotor Movements
Axial Movements
Dance Steps
Arm Movements
Combinations of Movements
Aerobic Routines and Music

9. Step Aerobics

The Step
The Step Class
Determining Intensity
Techniques for Stepping
Step Movements
Musical Selection
Step Routines

10. Body Toning and Conditioning

Strength or Endurance?
Types of Muscle Contractions
Types of Resistance
Exercise Evaluation
Body Toning and Conditioning Exercises
Body Toning Routines

11. Flexibility and Stretching

Proper Stretching Techniques
Standing Stretches
Floor Stretches
Stretch Routines

12. Adding Variety to Your Aerobic Workout

Funk Aerobics/Cardio Funk
Slide Aerobics
Boxing-Based Aerobic Programs
Martial Arts-Based Aerobic Programs
Jump Rope
Group Indoor Cycle
Water Fitness Classes

Training Programs
Appendix A: History of Aerobic Exercise
Appendix B: A Career in Fitness
Appendix C: Exercise Recommendations for Special Populations
Appendix D: Music and Video Resources
Appendix E: Suggested Reading List
Appendix F: Exercise Websites

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Keep Moving! : It