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LPN / LVN Student Nurse Handbook : Core Concepts and Essential Skills - With CD

LPN / LVN Student Nurse Handbook : Core Concepts and Essential Skills - With CD - 03 edition

LPN / LVN Student Nurse Handbook : Core Concepts and Essential Skills - With CD - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780130941824

ISBN10: 0130941824

LPN / LVN Student Nurse Handbook : Core Concepts and Essential Skills - With CD by Nancy Brown, Sandra Boyd and B. Twiname - ISBN 9780130941824
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Inc.
International: No
LPN / LVN Student Nurse Handbook : Core Concepts and Essential Skills - With CD by Nancy Brown, Sandra Boyd and B. Twiname - ISBN 9780130941824

ISBN13: 9780130941824

ISBN10: 0130941824

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 03

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For beginning students in LPN/LVN programs--Introduction to Nursing and Fundamentals of Nursing courses. Can also be used as a handy reference in Medical Surgical Nursing and throughout nursing school.

This handbook is designed to help students learn the essential elements of topics that are central to their successful functioning as a professional practical or vocational nurse. A dependable companion throughout nursing education and beyond, it will help students keep feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated to a minimum.

  • Five easy-to-use sections--1) Mapping for Success addresses learning skills, effective resource management, and special performance issues. 2) Behavioral Competencies discusses concepts and skills related to communication, documentation, patient teaching and the nursing process. 3) Core Issues explores universal healthcare issues with emphasis on essential skills related to each topic. 4) Advanced Skills provides helpful information relating to passing the NCLEX-PN examination as well as advanced skills pertaining to leadership and management. 5) Clinical Competencies focuses on LPN/LVN-specific core concepts and essential skills for topics ranging from drug calculation and infection control to electrolytes and IV infusion.
  • Provides quick, self-contained access to specific aspects of professional practice.
  • Ask yourself--Presents questions for students to answer before reading the text (what they already know) and after reading the text (what they need to learn or reinforce)--with space for responding directly in the text.
  • Enables students to individualize their learning in accordance with their own learning styles, and will help them to develop better analytical and retention skills.
  • Core Concepts and Essential Skills.
  • Helps students zero in on concepts and skills central to professional practice as a LPN/LVN by highlighting each with an icon and presenting content in an easy-to-read and remember format.
  • Case in Point--Each topic in the text is accompanied by an example (case) representing an integration of related material.
  • Brings the material to life and helps reinforce learning by prompting students to personalize the information.
  • CD-ROM with Flash Card and Audio Glossary functions--At any time students can hear the pronunciations and see the definitions of more than 800 nursing terms.
  • Allows students to build and to review key terms and definitions, promoting academic and clinical success.
  • Mapping Concepts Word Bank--Introduces students to a quick and easy technique for retaining information. The format of concept mapping is similar to how the brain formats knowledge for storage--important general concepts are placed in boxes or specifically identified in some manner, and then linked to specific concepts. Concept Mapping acts as a summary and puts the information in capsule form.
  • Provides students with a proven, concrete, visual technique--applicable in any situation--for retaining information.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Learning Skills.

1. Recognizing Your Learning Style.
2. Time Management.
3. Study and Test-taking Skills.
4. Writing a Paper.

Using Resources Effectively.

5. Printed Resources.
6. Computers.
7. Consumer Groups and Health Information.

Special Performance Issues.

8. Legal Considerations.
9. Risk Management.


10. Communication.
11. Documentation.
12. Patient Teaching.
13. Critical Thinking.
14. Nursing Process and Clinical Pathways.


15. Stress.
16. Pain.
17. Rehabilitation.
18. Ageism.
19. Sexuality.
20. Culture.
21. Spirituality.
22. Death and Dying.


23. Medication Issues and Drug Calculations.
24. Laboratory and Diagnostic Studies.
25. ECG.
26. Nutrition.
27. Infection Control.
28. Endocrine Highlights.
29. Highlights of Fluids, Electrolytes, and IV Infusion.
30. Basics of ABG's.

Requirements for Professional Practice.

31. Passing the NCLEX-PN.
32. Job-seeking Skills.

Advanced Skills and Opportunities.

33. Leadership/Management Skills.
34. Transitioning from Student Nurse to Graduate Nurse and Beyond.