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Landscape Planning : Environmental Applications

Landscape Planning : Environmental Applications - 4th edition

Landscape Planning : Environmental Applications - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780471485834

ISBN10: 0471485837

Landscape Planning : Environmental Applications by William M. Marsh - ISBN 9780471485834
Edition: 4TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
International: No
Landscape Planning : Environmental Applications by William M. Marsh - ISBN 9780471485834

ISBN13: 9780471485834

ISBN10: 0471485837

Edition: 4TH 05

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Increasingly landscape planning requires an understanding of how the landscape functions. Marsh's book provides a unique integration of landscape architecture, forestry, ecology, and geography.

This Fourth Edition incorporates the rapid expansions taking place in the field. It addresses several topics of concern in both public and private sectors such as flooding wetlands, species conservation, and groundwater. Readers will also discover how physical geography, planning, and landscape architecture relate to environmental problems and issues.

  • An overview of environmental topics as applied to development, land use, and environmental problems of the landscape
  • Focuses on landscape processes, systems, forms, and analysis
  • Places greater emphasis on urban environments and site-scale problems
  • Arms the reader with a collection of best management practices, which can be applied in the field
  • Presents updated case studies that examine planning and design problems

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

An Introduction to the Book and the Field

1. Landscape Planning: Roots, Problems, and Content

2. The Physiographic Framework of the United States and Canada

3. Landscape Form and Function in Planning

4. Topography, Slopes, and Land Use Planning

5. Soil, Land Use Suitability, and Waste Disposal

6. Soils and Wastewater Disposal Systems

7. Groundwater, Land Use, and Aquifer Protection

8. Stormwater Discharge, Water Management, and Landscape Change

9. Watersheds, Drainage Nets, and Land use

10. Streamflow, River Valleys, and Flood Hazard

11. Water Quality, Runoff, and Land Use

12. Soil Erosion, Land Use, and Stream Sedimentation

13. Best Management Practices, Watersheds, and Development Sites

14. Streams, Channel Forms, and the Riparian Landscape

15. Shoreline Processes, Sand Dunes, and Coastal Zone Management

16. Sun Angles, Solar Heating, and Environment

17. Microclimate, Air Pollution, and Urban Environment

18. Ground Frost, Permafrost, Land Use, and Environment

19. Vegetation, Land Use, and Environmental Assessment

20. Landscape Ecology, Land Use, and Habitat Conservation Planning

21. Wetlands, Habitat, and Land Use Planning


Appendix A: U.S. and Canadian Soil Classification Systems

Appendix B: Landforms and Soil Materials and Their Drainage Characteristics

Appendix C: U.S. Raw Surface Water Standards for Public Water Supplies

Appendix D: U.S. National Air Quality Standards

Appendix E: U.S. Noise Standards

Appendix F: Common and Scientific Names of North American Wetland Plants