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Language Awareness : Readings for College Writers

Language Awareness : Readings for College Writers - 8th edition

Language Awareness : Readings for College Writers - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780312197681

ISBN10: 0312197683

Language Awareness : Readings for College Writers by Paul Eschholz, Alfred Rosa and Virginia Clark - ISBN 9780312197681
Edition: 8TH 00
Copyright: 2000
Publisher: Bedford Books
International: No
Language Awareness : Readings for College Writers by Paul Eschholz, Alfred Rosa and Virginia Clark - ISBN 9780312197681

ISBN13: 9780312197681

ISBN10: 0312197683

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The thematic focus on language fosters an appreciation of the richness, flexibility, and vitality of the English language. Ideal for the composition classroom, Language Awareness encourages students to use language more responsibly and effectively in speech and writing.

70 selections by well-known writers and language experts such as Deborah Tannen, Neil Postman, Louise Erdrich, George Orwell, William Lutz, Richard Lederer, S. I. and Alan R. Hayakawa, Paul Roberts, and Gloria Naylor present ideas that invite students to explore the many dimensions of language, culture, and communication.

Chapters covering tested areas of language study -- "Names and Naming," "Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Language," "Language and Cultures," "The Language of Persuasion: Advertising and Politics," for example -- focus on issues that are central to the study of language and culture.

Extensive writing guidance helps students understand the recursive steps of the writing process and how the process applies to their own writing. In addition to 4 new introductory chapters on writing, and the much-valued chapter "Writers on Writing," each selection in the text is accompanied by journal prompts, questions on style and content, and an abundance of writing suggestions and activities.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Writing Process

Writing Your First Draft
Editing and Proofreading

2. Writing from Experience

Generating Ideas from Experience
Using Personal Experience with Narration
Using Personal Experience with Exposition
Using Personal Experience with Argumentation
A Sample Student Essay

3. Writing from Reading

Reading as a Writer
10 Questions to Focus Your Reading
Reading a Sample Essay
Using Reading in the Writing Process
Writing An Essay from Reading
A Sample Student Essay

4. Writing from Research

Using Print Sources
Using Internet Sources
Integrating Quotations into Your Text
Documenting Sources with MLA style
A Note on Plagiarism
Writing an Essay from Research
A Sample Student Essay

5. Language Awareness

Discovering Language

Malcolm X, Coming to an Awareness of Language
Helen Keller, The Day Language Came into My Life
Edite Cunha, Talking in the New Land

What Is Language

*Fromkin and Rodman, What is Language
Suzanne K. Langer, Language and Thought
Paul Roberts, A Brief History of English
*David Crystal, The Prescriptive Tradition
*Mark Halpern, A War That Never Ends

Language in Use: Two Short Stories

*N. Scott Momaday, The Story of the Arrowmaker
*Julia Alvarez, Snow

6. Writers on Writing

Writing: The Transaction

Maxine Hairston, What Happens When People Write
Linda Flower, Writing for an Audience
Richard Lederer, The Case for Short Words
*Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., How to Write with Style

Revising and Editing

William Zinsser, Simplicity
Donald M. Murray, The Maker's Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts

Case in Point: A Discussion on Usage

*Robert Klose, A Rarity: Grammar Lessons from Dad
*Charles R. Larson, Its Academic, or Is It?
*Patricia T. O'Conner, Like I Said, Don't Worry

7. Names and Naming

Personal Names: Making Family Connections

*Cullen Murphy, Naming Names: The Eponym Craze
*Charles Gasparino, Hey Cono
Louise Erdrich, The Names of Women
Bonnie Wach, What's in a Name?
*J. N. Hook, A World Without Surnames

Names of Institutions and Things

S. I. Hayakawa and Alan R. Hayakawa, Giving Things Names
*Bill Gilbert, Rah, Rah, Ruffians!
*John P. Wiley, Jr., Coming to Terms: Names for People Who Respect the Environment

Case in Point: How the Business World Uses Names

*JC Herz, A Name so Smooth
Alleen Pace Nilsen, Why Big Businesses Misspell Their Names

8. Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Language

The Nature of Prejudicial Language

*Gordon Allport, The Language of Prejudice
S.I. Hayakawa and Alan R. Hayakawa, Words with Built-in Judgments
Robin D. Barnes, Everyday Racism and the Campaign of Hatred
*Larry Smith, The Borders of Words

Language, Race, and Gender

Gloria Naylor, The Meanings of a Word
*Nathan Cobb, Gender Wars in Cyberspace
Rosalie Maggio, A Guide to Nondiscriminatory Language
Deborah Tannen, "I'll Explain It to You": Lecturing and Listening

Language in Use: The Language of Unity

Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have a Dream
*Sojourner Truth, And Ain't I a Woman

9. Language and Cultures

The Language Culture Connection

Robert MacNeil, English Belongs to Everybody
Patrick Cooke, "Hey, Dude, Like NEH-oh Way!"
*Laura Bohannon, Shakespeare in the Bush

A Mosaic of Cultures

Dorothy Z. Seymour, Black Children, Black Speech
Katherine Whittemore, Endangered Languages
*Simon Ortiz, The Language We Know
*Ken Perkins, Johnson. . . .
*Michael Lawler, . . . .

Case in Point: English Only in America

*Robert D. King, Should English Be the Law?
*S.I. Hayakawa, Bilingualism in America: English Should be the Only Language
*Geoffrey Nunberg, Lingo Jingo: English-Only and the New nativism

10. Language and the Media

Finding the truth in the News

*Carol Rivers, Read All About It! (But Don't Believe It)
Newman P. Birk and Genevieve B. Birk, Selection, Slanting, and Charged Language
*Neil Postman and Steve Powers, TV News: All the World in Pictures

Language in Entertainment

*Leslie Savan, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda
*Karyn James, Information Please
*Rita Braver, It's Up Close and Misleading (from Nilsen)
*Tom Shachtman, What's Wrong with TV?: Talk Shows

Language in Use: Three Selections on the Same Topic

*Newspaper Selection
*Newspaper Selection
*Newspaper Selection

11. Doublespeak, Eupemism, and Jargon


*Cullen Murphy, Airline English: Why Airline Flight Attendants Talk Like That
*Perry Klass, She's Your Basic LOL in NAD
*Kate Klise, Getting High on Classified Dreams

Political Correctness

*John Leo, Who Says PC is Passe
*Ethan Bronner, Big Brother is Listening

Doublespeak and Euphemism

William Lutz, The World of Doublespeak
*Cullen Murphy, The E Word

Language in Use: Two Parodies of Manipulative Language

James Finn Garner, Little Red Riding Hood
*Russell Baker,The Little Miss Muffet Conference

12. The Language of Persuasion: Advertising and Politics

The Language of Politics

Donna Woolfolk Cross, Propaganda: How Not to Be Bamboozled
George Orwell, Politics and the English Language
*Robert Yoakum, Everyspeech

Language in Use: A Selection of Advertisements
The Language of Advertising

*Vic Sussman, Teaching Kids How to Choose
ll Bryson, The Hard Sell: Advertising in America
William Lutz, Weasel Words
*Susan Irvine, Sprayed & Neutered

Language in Use: A Selection of Political Texts

Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence
Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysberg Address

Language in Action: Some Perfume Ads

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