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Leadership Odyssey

Leadership Odyssey - 98 edition

Leadership Odyssey - 98 edition

ISBN13: 9780787910112

ISBN10: 0787910112

Leadership Odyssey by Carole S. Napolitano and Lida J. Henderson - ISBN 9780787910112
Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Inc.
International: No
Leadership Odyssey by Carole S. Napolitano and Lida J. Henderson - ISBN 9780787910112

ISBN13: 9780787910112

ISBN10: 0787910112

Cover type: Print On Demand
Edition: 98
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Managing and leading. In this era of rapid and relentless change, the terms become inseparable. Today's managers must also lead if they are to survive and thrive in a world where job obsolescence is a mere reorganization away and individuals are left to chart their own courses for long-term personal and professional success.

Applicable on an individual or company-wide basis, this unique resource outlines a process by which managers at all levels can build the leadership skills they need to deal effectively with an ever-changing business environment. The authors, acknowledged experts in management training and leadership development, delineate thirty-seven specific attributes and skills that define the successful manager of the future. Step-by-step they show readers how to master them all through a program of self-directed learning that embraces three domains: self-leadership, people leadership, and organizational leadership.

The Leadership Odyssey, in addition to the in-depth guidance it offers, also contains a wealth of practical tools that enhance and reinforce the learning process. Among them:

  • An assessment kit for gathering 360 feedback on attributes and skills proficiency
  • An analysis guide for interpreting feedback data
  • Guidelines for developing a personal learning plan
  • Developmental exercises for addressing identified needs and bolstering evident strengths
  • A reflective learning model for translating the lessons of experience into a means of sustaining professional and personal growth
  • A spheres of influence model that offers a new way of thinking about future managerial leadership

Moreover, the developmental experiences the authors recommend are not limited to professional activities alone, but include family, personal, and community activities that recognize the importance of a balanced existence. The result is an unprecedented approach to building leadership skills in step with the future direction of the business world and in synch with the desire to pursue a more self-empowered, fully integrated life.

Author Bio

Napolitano, Carole S. : Synergies

Carole S. Napolitano is founder and president of Synergies, a firm that provides education and consulting services in leadership, management, and organizational development. NASA, the Federal Judicial Center, the University of Maryland, Freddie Mac, Okidata, and State Farm Insurance are among her many public- and private-sector clients. Skilled in designing and facilitating learning experiences for managers, leaders, and teams, Napolitano focuses on helping organizations explore new models of effectiveness and enlarging their capacity for growth and change.

Henderson, Lida J. : Xerox Corporation

Lida J. Henderson is program manager for Xerox Corporation's corporate management education and training group. During her twenty-four-year tenure with Xerox, she has been integral to the development and implementation of leading-edge management and personal development training for employees at every corporate level.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreward by Barry Z. Posner

Part One: The New Leadership Attributes and Skills Self- Leadership: Exploring Values and Perspectives

1. Values: Qualities of Being
2. Perspectives: Habits of Mind
3. Enabling Individuals and Teams to Perform
4. Managing Across Boundaries
5. Creating a Culture
6. Anticipating the Future

Part Two: The Leadership Odyssey Attributes and Skills Assessment Kit

How to Use the Kit
Leadership Odyssey Attributes and Skills Assessment Form
Feedback Analysis

Part Three: The Leadership Odyssey Self-Development Exercises

Learning to Learn
Guidelines for Development Exercises
Developmental Exercises