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Learning and Teaching English Grammar K-12

Learning and Teaching English Grammar K-12 - 05 edition

Learning and Teaching English Grammar K-12 - 05 edition

ISBN13: 9780130488343

ISBN10: 0130488348

Learning and Teaching English Grammar K-12 by Barbara Birch - ISBN 9780130488343
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Merrill Education/Prentice Hall
International: No
Learning and Teaching English Grammar K-12 by Barbara Birch - ISBN 9780130488343

ISBN13: 9780130488343

ISBN10: 0130488348

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 05

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For Language Arts courses in Elementary Education; Reading and Writing Methods in Middle School; and English Methods courses in secondary schools.

This practical, brief paperback with hands-on activities is designed to "fill in the blanks" in pre-service teachers' own knowledge of English grammar and to demonstrate a reliable method for teaching English grammar to elementary school pupils. It provides a solid foundation in the sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of grammar and grammar instruction; followed by step-by-step coverage of the basics of word and phrase development, and of the construction of the three or four types of sentences that English words can be used to create. In addition, coverage examines solutions to common usage problems faced by native speakers, non-standard speakers, and ELL students.


  • Thorough, accessible coverage of the broad social and psychological issues involved in teaching grammar--Section One: The Panoramic Perspective.
    • Explains trends/tendencies in language acquisition and metalinguistic awareness.
  • Practical focus on teaching grammar--Incorporating the best ideas from structuralism, generativism, and functionalism.
    • Focuses students' attention on the "what" and "how" of grammar instruction--helps them acquire the hands-on skills they'll need in their own first classrooms.
  • Case histories of grammar teachers throughout the text--Illustrating grammar as a creative, interesting, and meaningful subject.
    • Bring students into the grammar classroom--help them "see" grammar being taught in typical elementary classrooms with a broad range of learners.
  • Teaching to Learn and Learning to Teach exercises--In every chapter.
    • Engage students in "learning by doing"--enhance students' personal knowledge of grammar while helping them acquire skills to teach grammar.
  • Significant pedagogical structure in every chapter--Discussion questions, essay questions, and cooperative exercises.
    • Involves students' in chapter content--helps them "lock in" chapter concepts and instructional ideas by re-framing knowledge in their own words.
  • Graphic organizers throughout the material--Sentence diagrams, rules charts, tables, etc.
    • Attract "visual learners"--help students "see" complex text content while they learn how to present such content to their pupils.
  • Numerous text samples--Especially from news and academic English.
    • Familiarize students with the full range of grammar challenges--broadens their knowledge of acceptable and non-acceptable differences between writing styles.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1. Language Attitudes and Policies.
2. Grammar Learners and Learning.
3. Grammatical Approaches and Curriculum.
4. Creating the Multidimensional Classroom.


5. Word Categories and Words.
6. Words and Word Formation Procedures.
7. Nouns and Nouns Phrases.
8. Determiners and Pronouns.
9. Adjectives and Adverbs.
10. Verbals and Verb Phrases.
11. Prepositions and Particles.


12. Simple Sentend Non-Finite Phrases. ces.
13. Transformed Sentences.
14. Complex Sentences.
15. Compounds an