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Learning and Teaching : Research-Based Methods

Learning and Teaching : Research-Based Methods - 3rd edition

Learning and Teaching : Research-Based Methods - 3rd edition

ISBN13: 9780205270897

ISBN10: 0205270891

Learning and Teaching : Research-Based Methods by Donald P. Kauchak and Paul D. Eggen - ISBN 9780205270897
Edition: 3RD 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
International: No
Learning and Teaching : Research-Based Methods by Donald P. Kauchak and Paul D. Eggen - ISBN 9780205270897

ISBN13: 9780205270897

ISBN10: 0205270891

Edition: 3RD 98

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This substantially revised third edition represents one of the most up-to-date research-based methods texts available today. Kauchak and Eggen organize their discussion around three important themes in education: diversity, motivation, and technology. Coverage of new realities in the classroom, such as using social interaction, fostering resilience in at-risk students, and inclusion help new teachers face responsibilities being asked of them. Solidly grounded in research, the text describes practical methods in a clear, readable manner with numerous cases and offers suggestions for applying those methods in today's diverse school environments.

Succinct, engaging writing translates a strong research base to synthesize effective classroom practice.

Features introductory case studies which begin each chapter and anchor the ideas within it.

Additional vignettes reference opening case to reinforce new concepts.

Provides an opportunity for students to apply chapter content through end-of-chapter cases and discussion questions.

Offers concrete suggestions for trying chapter concepts in real classroom settings through the "Applying it in the Schools" feature.

New To This Edition:
Integrates three themes throughout the text--diversity, motivation, and technology--and discusses their relevance in the schools.

Strengthens its opportunities for learning, discussion and analysis with introductory and end-of-chapter cases.

Discusses Bilingual and ESL Education, including issues of inclusion, at-risk students and learning styles individualization (Ch. 2).

Includes integrated and thematic units in teacher planning (Ch. 3).

Chapters 6 - 10 are renamed and refocused (i.e. Constuctivism and Learner Centered Instruction.)

Defines student self-regulation as a form of classroom management (Ch. 11).

Increases coverage of authentic and performance assessment and portfolios in its discussion of student assessment (Ch. 12).

Author Bio

Kauchak, Donald P. : University of Utah

Eggen, Paul D. : University of North Florida

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Research and Teaching.

Defining Good Teaching.
Research in Teaching: A Historical Perspective.
Contemporary Views of Teaching and Learning.
Text Themes.
Learning to Teach.
Using This Book to Learn to Teach.

2. Student Diversity.

Teaching Students with Different Learning Abilities.
Learning Styles.
Students with Exceptionalities.
Capitalizing on Cultural Diversity.
Language Diversity.
At-Risk Students: Teaching the Children of Poverty.

3. Teacher Planning: Research and Reality.

Planning: A Functional Analysis.
Variables in Instructional Planning.
The Linear Rational Model: A Sequential Planning Model.
Integrating the Curriculum: Interdisciplinary and Thematic Units.
Research on Teacher Planning.
Planning for Diversity: Individualized Instruction.

4. Learning and Teaching: A General Instructional Model.

Creating a Positive Classroom Learning Environment: A Prerequisite to Learning.
Effective Teaching and the Concept of Time.
A General Instructional Model.
Characteristics of Effective Teachers.
The General Instructional Model: Effective Lesson Beginnings.
Developing the Lesson.
Ending Lessons Effectively.

5. Involving Students in Learning.

Learner Involvement: A Key to Learning and Motivation.
Increasing Learner Involvement: Teacher Questioning.
Functions of Teacher Questions.
Questions: The Students' Perspective.
Elements of Effective Questioning.
Classroom Questions: Additional Factors Influencing Effectiveness.

6. Learner-Centered Instruction: Constructivist Approaches to Teaching.

Constructivism: A View of Learning.
Characteristics of Constructivism.
Planning Constructivist Learning Activities.
Conducting Constructivist Learning Activities.
Using Groupwork to Facilitate Social Interaction.

7. Learning and Teaching Concepts.

Understanding Concepts.
Planning for Concept Learning and Teaching.
Teaching Concepts: Actively Involving Students in Learning.
Relationships Among Concepts: Generalizations, Principles and Academic Rules.
Accommodating Diversity in Concept Learning and Teaching.

8. Capitalizing on Social Interaction.

Social Interaction: Theoretical perspectives.
Cooperative Learning.
Peer Tutoring: Students as Resources.

9. Direct Instruction: Teacher-Centered Strategies.

Direct Instruction: The Research Base.
Skills Instruction.
Teaching Skills.
A Skills Model.
Lecture Discussions: Teacher-Centered Strategies for Involving Students.

10. Teaching for Higher-Level Outcomes.

Problem Solving.
Inquiry Strategies.
Critical Thinking.

11. Classroom Management.

Classroom Management: A Definition.
Planning for Classroom Management.
Implementing Management Plans.
Management Interventions.

12. Assessing Learner Understanding.

Classroom Assessment.
Using Traditional Assessment Practices to Promote Learning.
Authentic Assessment.
Accommodating Diversity: Reducing Bias in Assessment.
Designing an Assessment System.
Using Technology in Assessment.

Appendix: Technology Appendix.
Author Index.
Subject Index.

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Learning and Teaching : Research-Based Methods / With CD by Donald Kauchak and Paul D. Eggen - ISBN 9780205388394