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Life Span Motor Development

Life Span Motor Development - 2nd edition

Life Span Motor Development - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780873224833

ISBN10: 0873224833

Life Span Motor Development by Kathleen M. Haywood - ISBN 9780873224833
Edition: 2ND 93
Copyright: 1993
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
International: No
Life Span Motor Development by Kathleen M. Haywood - ISBN 9780873224833

ISBN13: 9780873224833

ISBN10: 0873224833

Edition: 2ND 93

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Like the highly popular original version, this second edition of Life Span Motor Development makes an outstanding textbook for undergraduate courses in motor development. Kathleen Haywood has revised her ground-breaking book to include even more comprehensive and up-to-date information on the study of motor development throughout the entire life span.

The text is designed for students with little or no background in the movement sciences--the book covers all of the material required to meet minimum competencies established by AAHPERD's Motor Development Academy. Students will also benefit from many new features that make this second edition even more user-friendly, including:

a list of concepts and an introduction to open each chapter;

twice as many photos and more graphs, drawings, and tables;
expanded sections with more detailed explanations of chapter concepts;
sidebars that discuss topics related to the chapter concepts;

chapter summaries, key terms, study questions, and suggested readings to close each chapter; and

a comprehensive glossary.

Life Span Motor Development (Second Edition) will lead your students through the principles, research, and applied practice of motor development from infancy through older adulthood. They'll learn about new concepts in motor development, like the dynamic systems perspective--a new theoretical approach that is reshaping the way many view the developmental process.

Redesigned in an easy-to-follow format, the book is now divided into three parts. Part I provides an overview of motor development--including factors affecting prenatal and postnatal development--followed by a discussion of physical growth processes occurring in various body systems. Part II covers motor development from infancy through older adulthood. And Part III discusses how motor development is affected by perceptual and cognitive development, physiological responses to training, and psychosocial factors.

Your students also will find the accompanying manual, Laboratory Activities for Life Span Motor Development (Second Edition), to be a helpful learning aid. It features 20 complete laboratory activities that correspond to each chapter in Life Span Motor Development (Second Edition) and enable your students to apply the information they've learned.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations of Motor Development

Chapter 1: The Developmental Perspective

The Life Span Perspective
Terminology in Motor Development
Theoretical Perspectives
Contemporary Issues

Chapter 2: Physical Growth, Maturation, and Aging

Assessing Growth and Maturation
Normal Prenatal Development
Abnormal Prenatal Development
Normal Postnatal Development
Factors Influencing Postnatal Development

Part II: Change Throughout the Life Span

Chapter 3: Early Motor Behavior

Acquisition and Refinement of New Skills
Random Movement and Infantile Reflexes
Motor Milestones
Sensitive Periods

Chapter 4: Motor Behavior During Childhood

Laws of Motion and Stability
Qualitative Changes in Motor Skills

Chapter 5: Motor Behavior in Preadolescence Through Adulthood Motor Performance in Preadolescence and Adolescence Motor Performance in Adulthood

Part III: Correlates of Motor Development

Chapter 6: Perceptual-Motor Development

Sensory and Perceptual Development
Intersensory Integration
Perceptual-Motor Experience

Chapter 7: Physical Fitness Through the Life Span

The Development of Cardiorespiratory Endurance The Development of Strength
The Development of Flexibility
Body Composition

Chapter 8: Information Processing and Memory

Information Processing Perspective
Information Processing Capacity

Chapter 9: Social and Cultural Influences in Motor Development Socialization into Sport

Racial and Ethnic Differences




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Life Span Motor Development by Kathleen M. Haywood and Nancy Getchell - ISBN 9780736031875