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Management - With CD

Management - With CD - 8th edition

Management - With CD - 8th edition

ISBN13: 9780618101559

ISBN10: 0618101551

Management - With CD by Robert Kreitner - ISBN 9780618101559
Edition: 8TH 01
Copyright: 2001
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Management - With CD by Robert Kreitner - ISBN 9780618101559

ISBN13: 9780618101559

ISBN10: 0618101551

Edition: 8TH 01

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Kreitner's Management continues as an authoritative resource in the management field with its student-oriented approach, thorough revisions, and strong emphasis on skill-building in three areas: academic, personal management, and teamwork. This edition continues to build on these strengths while further integrating technology and real-world examples.

  • New! Over 80% of the chapter-opening cases (The Changing Workforce), which focus on current management and business issues, are new and over 40% focus on women or minorities.
  • New! Over 70% of the chapter closing cases, which provide students with real-world examples of concepts, are new and 70% include an international focus.
  • New! Managing Diversity boxes provide students with more real-world illustrations of the application and relevance of chapter topics.
  • New! Comprehensive Internet exercises at the end of every chapter encourage students to use the Web for learning about relevant managerial topics and problems.
  • The completely updated web site provides students with learning objectives, chapter outlines, discussion/essay questions, expanded student annotations, Internet exercises, links to related sites, author comments, paper topic ideas, links to companies highlighted in the text, and ACE self-tests. Instructors will find a downloadable, customizable resource manual, textbook updates, teaching tips, PowerPoint slides, a video guide, suggestions for using the student annotations, and comments on Internet exercises.
  • Skills and Tools boxes at the end of each chapter provide practical advice for effectively handling management challenges, and Video Skill Builders at the end of each part give instruction on key managerial skills.
  • Comprehensive student annotations have been revised and provide anecdotes, self-assessment tools, and thought-provoking questions that give students an opportunity to sharpen their conceptual, self-management, and teamwork skills. An updated web site for students and instructors follows up on the annotations with comments.

Author Bio

Kreitner, Robert : Arizona State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter includes a Summary, Terms to Understand, and Internet Exercises.

I. The Management Challenge

1. Managers and Entrepreneurs

The Changing Workplace: Neither Rain nor Fear Can Stop Deborah Kosado Shaw
Management Defined
The Global Manager: A Society That Reuses Almost Everything
What Do Managers Do?
What Does It Take to Become a Successful Manager?
Learning to Manage
Small-Business Management
Skills & Tools: Career Tips for Today's and Tomorrow's Managers
Closing Case: If I'm in Charge, Why Am I Working So Hard?

2. The Evolution of Management Thought

The Changing Workplace: Berry Gordy Jr.'s Musical Assembly Line
The Practice and Study of Management
The Universal Process Approach
The Operational Approach
The Behavioral Approach
The Systems Approach
Management Ethics: Rebecca Webb Lukens (17941854): America's First Female Chief Executive Officer
The Contingency Approach
Attributes of Excellence: A Modern Unconventional Approach
Skills & Tools: Recommended Periodicals for Staying Current in the Field of Management
Closing Case: Russia's New Management Style

3. The Changing Environment of Management

The Changing Workplace: A No Limits Attitude Helped Carleton (Carly) Fiorina Reach the Top
The Twenty-First Century Workplace: Seven Major Changes
The Social Environment
The Political-Legal Environment
The Global Manager: Watch Out for Legal Traps in a Wired World
The Economic Environment
The Technological Environment
Skills & Tools: How Business Leaders Can Help Women Break the Glass Ceiling
Closing Case: Welcome to the World of Younger Bosses and Older Workers

4. International Management and Cross-Cultural Competence

The Changing Workplace: Detroit Gears Up on Its German
Global Organizations for a Global Economy
Toward Greater Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Competence
The Global Manager: A Trip to India for the Pillsbury Doughboy
Managing Diversity: Islam's Growth Affects Workplace Policies
Comparative Management Insights
Staffing Foreign Positions
Skills & Tools: Twelve Tips for Safe International Business Trips
Closing Case: Tell the Kids We're Moving to Kenya

5. Management's Social and Ethical Responsibilities

The Changing Workplace: A Canadian Logger Goes Against the Grain
Social Responsibility: Definition and Perspectives
Management Ethics: Clara Conti Gets Back What She Gives
Toward Greater Social Responsibility
The Ethical Dimension of Management
Encouraging Ethical Conduct
Skills & Tools: An International Code of Ethics
Closing Case: Waste Not, Want NotA Real Fish Story
Video Skill Builders: 1A. Karen Sand: A Manager in Action. 1B. Recycling Pays at Kodak

II. Planning and Decision Making

6. The Basics of Planning and Project Planning

The Changing Workplace: In a Fast-Paced World, How Three Managers Plan on the Run
Coping with Uncertainty
The Essentials of Planning
Management Ethics: A New Mission for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Management by Objectives and Project Planning
Graphic Planning/Scheduling/Control Tools
Break-Even Analysis
Skills & Tools: Ten Common Errors to Avoid When Writing a Plan for a New Business
Closing Case: Profitable Planning at Emerson Electric

7. Strategic Management

The Changing Workplace: Burger King Seeks New Sizzle
Strategic Management = Strategic Planning + Implementation + Control
Thinking Strategically
The Strategic Management Process
Managing Diversity: Diversity Boosts Allstate's Bottom Line
Strategic Implementation and Control
Skills & Tools: Reengineering: Strong Medicine for Strategic Ills
Closing Case: Can Dell Computer Make It in China?

8. Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving

The Changing Workplace: Three Women in Pursuit of an Internet Dream
Challenges for Decision Makers
Making Decisions
The Global Manager: Programmed for Ethical Decision Making at Citizens Bank of Canada
Group-Aided Decision Making: A Contingency Perspective
Managerial Creativity
Creative Problem Solving
Skills & Tools: How to Construct a Fishbone Diagram
Closing Case: Creativity Helps Hallmark Send the Very Best
Video Skill Builders:

2A. Mary Guerrero-Pelzel, Contractor.

2B. A Florida Hot Sauce Goes International

III. Organizing, Managing Human Resources, and Communicating

9. Organizations

The Changing Workplace: Dave Neenan's Learning Organization
What Is an Organization?
Organization Charts
Contrasting Theories of Organization
Organizational Effectiveness
The Global Manager: Well-Mannered Singapore Airline Avoids Layoffs in Turbulent Time
Organizational Cultures
Skills & Tools: How to Build Your Organization's Learning Capability
Closing Case: Hard Times for PeopleSoft's People-Centered Culture

10. Organizing in the Twenty-First Century

The Changing Workplace: Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer: I'm Trying to Let Other People Dive in Before I do
Contingency Design
Basic Structural Formats
Management Ethics: A Globe-Trotting Organizational Thinker Looks at the Future of Work Organizations
Contingency Design Alternatives
Effective Delegation
The Changing Shape of Organizations
Skills & Tools: If You Want to Be Delegated Important Duties, Then Demonstrate a Lot of Initiative
Closing Case: Bean Counters' Revenge: Tear Down the Walls

11. Human Resource Management

The Changing Workplace: Is Texaco Free of Corporate Racism?
Human Resource Planning
Managing Diversity: Native Americans No Longer Silent Minority
Performance Appraisal
Contemporary Human Resource Challenges and Problems
Skills & Tools: How to Handle the Job Interview Successfully
Closing Case: It Takes More Than a Great Résumé to Impress

12. Communicating in the Internet Age

The Changing Workplace: Fun and Profits at Uncle Herb's Southwest Airlines
The Communication Process
The Global Manager: The Internet as a Common Language for China and the World
Dynamics of Organizational Communication
Managing Diversity: Exabyte: Where Nonverbal Communication, Diversity, and Ethics Come Together
Communication Problems and Promises in the Internet Age
Becoming a Better Communicator
Skills & Tools: Harvard's Sarah McGinty Tells How to Develop Your Speaking Style
Closing Case: The Case of the Errant Messenger
Video Skill Builders: 3A. Organizational Culture: Three Profiles. 3B. T.G.I. Friday's Organizer for Global Expansion

IV. Motivating and Leading

13. Motivating Job Performance

The Changing Workplace: Seeking Proper Balance at Norway's Norsk Hydro
Motivation Theories
Managing Diversity: Writing His Own Prescription for Self-Actualization at Age 55
Motivation Through Job Design
Motivation Through Rewards
Motivation Through Employee Participation
The Global Manager: Culturally Adapting Self-Managed Teams in Mexico
Other Motivation Techniques for a Diverse Workforce
Skills & Tools: Stress Management
Closing Case: Sharon Allred Decker: We Had to Recognize That People Have Lives

14. Group Dynamics and Teamwork

The Changing Workplace: Lear Team Takes Quality Problems Personally
Fundamental Group Dynamics
Group Development
Management Ethics: A Cop-Turned-Professor Takes Aim at the Code of Silence
Organizational Politics
Conformity and Groupthink
Teams, Teamwork, and Trust
Skills & Tools: How to Use Cooperative Conflict to Avoid Groupthink
Closing Case: Thirteen Time Zones Can't Keep Lucent's Virtual Team from Succeeding

15. Influence Processes and Leadership

The Changing Workplace: Canada's Cynthia Trudell Steers Saturn into the Twenty-First Century
Influence Tactics in the Workplace
Managing Diversity: For These Successful Women, Empowerment Began at Home
Management Ethics: The Servant Leader
Behavior Modification
Skills & Tools: Putting the Empowerment Puzzle Together
Closing Case: Empowerment Has a Full-Time Job at This Temporary Staffing Company

16. Change, Conflict, and Negotiation

The Changing Workplace: Trust for a Change
Change: Organizational and Individual Perspectives
Overcoming Resistance to Change
Making Change Happen
Managing Conflict
Management Ethics: Good Fun or a Really Bad Idea? You Decide.
Skills & Tools: How to Express Anger
Closing Case: The Unstoppable Entrepreneur
Video Skill Builders:

4A. Motivation at World Book Publishing.
4B. Entrepreneurial Leadership

V. Organizational Control Processes

17. Organizational Control and Quality Improvement

The Changing Workplace: Quality Is a Way of Life at Harley-Davidson
Fundamentals of Organizational Control
Crisis Management
The Quality Challenge
Management Ethics: Leon Leonwood Bean Wrote the Book on Good Service
An Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM)
Deming Management
The Global Manager: Will Bugs Eat Up the U.S. Lead in Software?
Skills & Tools: Pros and Cons of ISO 9000
Closing Case: When Coca-Cola's Control Systems Fizzled in Europe
Video Skill Builder: 5. Gulfstream Aircraft Flies on Quality

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Management - With CD by Robert Kreitner - ISBN 9780618356911