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Managerial Accounting - With CD

Managerial Accounting - With CD - 7th edition

Managerial Accounting - With CD - 7th edition

ISBN13: 9780618508716

ISBN10: 0618508716

Managerial Accounting - With CD by Belverd E. Needles and Susan V. Crosson - ISBN 9780618508716
Edition: 7TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Managerial Accounting - With CD by Belverd E. Needles and Susan V. Crosson - ISBN 9780618508716

ISBN13: 9780618508716

ISBN10: 0618508716

Edition: 7TH 05

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Designed for managerial accounting programs that begin with either a corporate or sole proprietorship approach, this market-leading text emphasizes the use of financial data in decision making and analysis. The text contains balanced, flexible content supported by an array of print and technology supplements.

The 2005e Edition provides instructors with the necessary resources to incorporate new instructional strategies, develop students' core skills and competencies, or integrate technology into the classroom. Procedural content appears in optional objectives at the end of each chapter, allowing instructors to choose how much procedural detail to include in their course. Instructors can also customize homework assignments based on course goals using comprehensive material organized by learning objective.

  • New! Blackboard and WebCT CD-ROMs include customized course material and information, such as chapter overview/learning objectives, chapter and lecture outlines, key points and terms, chapter-based PowerPoint slides, chapter summaries, assignments, and Web links. The CD-ROMs also contain interactive exercises and self-test questions from the Student Study Guide.
  • New! Three new video cases, bringing the total number of video cases to eight, are available on both the Student CD-ROM and the HM ClassPrep CD-ROM for instructors.
  • New! The instructor web site features a collection of new essays that discuss current events and issues in accounting. These essays can be used as exam questions or extra-credit assignments.
  • New! The chapter-based HMAccounting Tutor CD-ROM replaces the Accounting Transaction Tutor (ATT). Students can apply the readings for each chapter to a diagnostic test, a tutorial, an Internet assignment, and a demonstration problem (which includes animation and voice-over narrations).
  • New! Stop and Think questions for each learning objective motivate students to read actively. These critical-thinking questions--each of which is accompanied by a short answer--can also be used as a review device or as a springboard for class discussions.
  • New! Chapter-ending comparison cases ask students to analyze the most recent Walgreens and Toys "R" Us financial statements and draw conclusions as a financial analyst would. Students calculate ratios and perform a comparative analysis of the two companies based on their results.
  • New! The popular Focus on Business boxes, which relate accounting concepts to the real world of business, have been updated and redesigned, and 45 new boxes have been added to this edition.
  • New! Each learning objective includes a list of end-of-chapter text assignments, so students can identify the questions, exercises, problems, and cases that relate to particular learning objectives.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The Changing Business Environment: A Manager's Perspective

2. Cost Concepts and Cost Allocation

3. Costing Systems: Job Order Costing

4. Costing Systems: Process Costing

5. Activity-Based Systems: Activity-Based Management and Just-in-Time

6. Cost Behavior Analysis

7. The Budgeting Process

8. Performance Measurement Using Standard Costing

9. Performance Management and Evaluation

10. Short-Run Decision Analysis

11. Pricing Decisions, Including Target Costing and Transfer Pricing

12. Capital Investment Analysis

13. Quality Management and Measurement

14. Allocation of Internal Service Costs

15. Financial Performance Evaluation

Appendix A. International Accounting

Appendix B. Long-Term Investments

Appendix C. The Time Value of Money

Appendix D. Future Value and Present Value Tables

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