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Marketer's Guide to Successful Package Design

Marketer's Guide to Successful Package Design - 98 edition

Marketer's Guide to Successful Package Design - 98 edition

ISBN13: 9780844234380

ISBN10: 0844234389

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 98
Copyright: 1998
Publisher: American Marketing Association
International: No

ISBN13: 9780844234380

ISBN10: 0844234389

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 98

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It all comes down to a critical ten seconds, when it's just your product and your customer face to face. That's when all of your time, effort, and expense either pay off or turn to dust as the customer rejects your product for a competitor's. And that's why this innovative book was written. It isn't about packaging technology or award-winning designs, but it is about winning the big competition--the one where customers determine the winner by ''voting'' with their dollars. The authors, two top brand identity and package design experts, with a combined 50+ years of hands-on industry experience, show how to create packaging solutions that win the battle for the customer during that critical first contact. They analyze all the marketing and design components needed to create effective packaging solutions that support and fulfill marketing objectives and strategies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.The Package is the Product

What Packaging Structure Tells the Consumer About Your Product
What Graphics Tell the Consumer About Your Product
What Brand Identity Tells the Consumer About Your Product
What Copy Tells the Consumer About Your Product
What Color Tells the Consumer About Your Product
What Pictures Tell the Consumer About Your Product

2. Package Design: More Than a Pretty Picture

Creating Brand Personality
The Importance of Brand Identity and Brand Equity in Packaging
Constructing a Brand Architecture
Brand Extensions and Package Design

3. The Strategic Role of Package Design

The Decision to Design
Package Redesign to Counter Competitive Pressure
Package Design to Update or Reposition an Existing Brand
Package Design for New Products
Package Design for Brand Line Extensions
Packaging Relating to Corporate Identity Changes
Managing the Package Design Process

4. Taking the Bumps Out of the Road

Choosing Your Plan of Action
Conducting a Thorough Analysis of Your Product Category
Analyzing Your and Your Competitor's Packaging
Establishing Clear Brand Positioning Objectives
Identifying the Attributes of Your Product
Determining Communication Priorities
Establishing Precisely Targeted Package Design Criteria
Taking the Bumps Out of the Road

5. Selecting the Designer

What is a Package Designer?
Searching for the "Right''Designer
Sources for Brand Identity and Package Design
The Business of Design
Working with the Design Consultant
Establishing Costs and Timetables
Where Do the Design Dollars Go?
Ready, Set, Go!

6. Preparing for the Race

Steps in a Design Program
Orientation Meetings
The Marketer's Role as a Catalyst
The Linkage Between Advertising and Package Design
Develop a Team Dialogue Early
Getting to Know Each Other
Review of Package Design Criteria
Pre-Design Consumer Research
Category and Marketing Information
Review of Manufacturing and Packaging Facilities
Scheduling Design Development

7. Creative Development: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Graphic Concept Explorations
Structural Concept Explorations
Concept Selection
Refinements and Modifications
Packaging Models and Mock-Ups
Package Design Finalization
Package Design Guidelines
Appointing a Manual Administrator

8. Consumer Research: Navigating the Category

Determining the Right Consumer Research for Package Design
Determining the Best Consumer Research Procedure
Dos and Don'ts of Package Design Testing

9. Store Brand Packaging: Friend or Foe?

How Store Brands Got Started
Building a Store Brand Packaging Program
Optimizing the Effectiveness of a Store Brand Program
Not All Store Brand Programs Are Alike

10. Package Design for Special Markets

Packaging for Young Consumers
Targeting Kids
There Is No Single Kids Market
Creating Packages for the Kids Market
Packaging for the Fifty-Plus Market
Visual Issues for the Fifty-Plus Consumer
Structural Issues for the Fifty-Plus Consumer

11. The Technology of Packaging

Pre-Production Coordination
Scheduling Package Design and Production
What Marketers Should Know About Package Construction and Materials but Are Afraid to Ask
The Most Popular Printing Methods for Packaging
Pre-Production Preparation
Production and Printing Follow-Up

12. Packaging and the Law

Keeping Up with the Law
Packaging Communications or a Legal Document?
Trademarks and Trade Names
Trade Dress
Color My Image
Client-Consultant Relationships and the Law
A Final Thought Regarding Packaging and the Law

13. Staying on Target Long-Term

Retail Cross-Checking
Staying on Target
Establishing Internal Monitoring Controls

14. Where Do We Go From Here?

Packaging and the Retail Environment
Packaging in the Electronic Age
The Globalization of Packaging