Mass Communication Ethics 2nd edition (9780205561063) -
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Mass Communication Ethics

Mass Communication Ethics - 2nd edition

Mass Communication Ethics - 2nd edition

ISBN13: 9780205561063

ISBN10: 0205561063

Mass Communication Ethics by Larry Z. Leslie - ISBN 9780205561063
Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 04
Copyright: 2004
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
International: No
Mass Communication Ethics by Larry Z. Leslie - ISBN 9780205561063

ISBN13: 9780205561063

ISBN10: 0205561063

Cover type: Paperback
Edition: 2ND 04
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This text is the first to put ethical issues in a cultural and historical context, based on the premise that ethical problems arise from myriad of cultural forces. Each section of the text outlines a specific goal: to inform by helping students understand the present cultural environment through ethical theories, and use individual philosophies in decision making; to entertain with biographical sketches of noted philosophers, helping students understand the human connection to philosophical and ethical principles; and to inspire students to set and achieve higher personal and professional moral standards.

Each part of the text helps students create an new element of their individual ethical decision-making approach. The first section focuses on ethics in postmodern America and how to effectively make decisions in a contemporary society. Next, students learn about ethical philosophers--from Plato to Foucault--and their beliefs. The individual philosophical messages within each biographical sketch can be fully realized when applied to the included media case studies. This helps students determine personal their own decision-making approaches. The final part of the text asks students to apply the these philosophers' teachings to ethical issues in areas such as journalism, public relations, and the music industry.

New! Some case studies are entirely new, others updated, and include Nike's labor practices, September 11 and the news, the South Park cartoon, the NFL, and the advertising of prescription medicine.

Author Bio

Leslie, Larry Z. : University of South Florida

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Note: Each biographical sketch in Section II contains The Life, The Philosophy, Decision-Making Tool, and a Suggested Media Application.

I. Introduction and Historical Context

1. Ethics in Postmodern America

Current Concerns
Ethics Defined
Ethics in Journalism/Mass Communication Programs
Some Basics
Postmodernism Defined
A Backward Look
Postmodernism Explained

2. Decision Making

A Decision-Making Model
Using Philosophical Principles
Why Philosophy
Other Models
Real-Time Decision Making

II. Philosophical Foundations

3. The Greek View

Case Study 1. Telling the Truth

4. Transition Figures

St. Thomas Aquinas
Francis Bacon
Case Study 2. Radio Contest

5. Rebels

Niccolò Machiavelli
Thomas Hobbes
François Marie Arouet Voltaire
Case Study 3. Digital Alteration

6. Traditionalists

Benedict Spinoza
Immanuel Kant
John Stuart Mill
Case Study 4. Ubiquitous Advertising

7. The Continental Connection

Arthur Schopenhauer
Emile Durkheim
Case Study 5. The Stars Shine in Magazines

8. Modern Influences

Jean-Paul Sartre
Ayn Rand
Lawrence Kohlberg
Carol Gilligan
Two Important Religious Perspectives
Judeo-Christian Tradition
Case Study 6. The Amusement Park Ride

9. Postmodernist Approaches

Michel Foucault
Jean Baudrillard
Case Study 7. Manipulating the News
Summary of Ethical Decision-Making Tools

III. Applications

10. Ethical Issues and Case Studies in Journalism

Part I. Some Major Ethical Issues
Part II. Instructional Case Study
Part III. Other Ethical Concerns
Case Studies: Case Study 8. Supporting Professional Football. Case Study 9. Chopper Journalism. Case Study 10. A Glass Not So Transparent. Case Study 11. Mr. DiCaprio Goes to Washington. Case Study 12. Feeding Frenzies. Case Study 13. Reporting on Terrorism. Case Study 14. Patriotic News Anchors

11. Ethical Issues and Case Studies in Advertising and Public Relations

Instructional Case Study
Public Relations
Case Studies: Case Study 15. Taken for a Ride? Case Study 16. Nike Takes a Hit. Case Study 17. Stealth Advertising. Case Study 18. North of the Border. Case Study 19. Put on a Happy Face

12. Ethical Issues and Case Studies in the Book, Recording, and

Radio Industries
Instructional Case Study
Book Publishing
Recording Industry
Case Studies: Case Study 20. Sacrificing for Radio. Case Study 21. E-Publishing. Case Study 22. Jay Tells a Joke. Case Study 23. Reading Can Be Instructive

13. Ethical Issues and Case Studies in the Television-Entertainment

and Film Industries
Instructional Case Study
Public Television
The Film Industry
Case Studies: Case Study 24. Offering Advice to Postmodern Teenagers. Case Study 25. Annie Sprinkle Goes to College. Case Study 26. Exploring South Park

14. Ethical Issues and Case Studies in New Media Technology

Electronic Communication: The Internet
Instructional Case Study
Other Concerns
Ethical Considerations
What Lies Ahead?
Case Studies: Case Study 27. Computer Obsession. Case Study 28. Touching a Nerve. Case Study 29. Is There a Problem with My Term Paper? Case Study 30. An Unusual Confession

15. Facing the Postmodern Maelstrom

A Call to Action
A Backward Look
A Look Ahead
Real-Time Case Studies: Case Study 1. Divulging Information. Case Study 2. Making the Call. Case Study 3. The Jumper. Case Study 4. The Profile