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Mass Media Writing : An Introduction

Mass Media Writing : An Introduction - 97 edition

Mass Media Writing : An Introduction - 97 edition

ISBN13: 9780137764440

ISBN10: 0137764448

Mass Media Writing : An Introduction by Baker-Woods, Dodd, Ford, Keller, Plumley, Smeyak and Walsh-Childers - ISBN 9780137764440
Edition: 97
Copyright: 1997
Publisher: Gorsuch Scarisbrick, Pub.
International: No
Mass Media Writing : An Introduction by Baker-Woods, Dodd, Ford, Keller, Plumley, Smeyak and Walsh-Childers - ISBN 9780137764440

ISBN13: 9780137764440

ISBN10: 0137764448

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Because journalism and mass media students need and benefit from writing skills for print-based media, this text first provides a strong foundation in newspaper writing techniques. Following chapters cover other media writing styles and discuss how and why these writing styles differ from (and resemble) newspaper writing. A final chapter discusses legal aspects of writing, including libel, invasion of privacy, and First Amendment rights.


  • Brings together the combined knowledge and experience of seven media professionals, each an expert in a different area of mass media writing or practices.
  • Real-world examples to illustrate good writing and proper format.
  • Multichapter, comprehensive coverage of the requirements and demands of broadcast news, public relations, advertising, and promotional as well as newspaper writing.
  • Key Concepts and Focus Questions at chapter beginnings to preview important points.
  • Practical exercises to reinforce learning and develop student writing skills.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Each chapter begins with "Key Concepts" and "Focus Questions," and concludes with "Final Focus," "You're on Deadline: Exercises," and most end with "Endnotes."

About the Authors.

1. Introduction to Media Writing.

Media in Society.
Mass Media and Writing.
Impact of Technology on Media Writing.
Careers in Media.
Ethical Concerns.

2. Precision and Accuracy in Writing.

Writing by the Rules: Correct Grammar.
Breaking the Rules.
Importance of Correct Spelling.
Impact of Grammatical and Spelling Errors.
Writing Accurate Copy.

3. Journalistic Writing Style.

Writing Formats.
Mass Media Writing Format.
Formatting for Articles.

4. Preparing to Write.

Writing as a Process.
Conducting Interviews.
Other Sources of Information.

5. Writing News Stories.

What Is News?
What Should a News Story Contain?
Qualities of Good News Writers.
Formats for News Stories.
Writing News Stories.

6. Writing Feature Stories.

Feature Story vs. News Story.
Feature Stories Share Personal Experience.
Factual Material, Fiction-Writing Techniques.

7. Writing Broadcast News.

News in Summary Form.
Copy Format.
Copy Style.

8. Writing Radio News.

Early to Rise.
Scripting Radio News.
Telling the Story.
Hard News/Soft News.
Sound: The Lifeblood of Radio.
Types of Sound.
Putting It All Together: The Radio Newscast.

9. Writing Television and Cable News.

Telling Stories with Pictures.
It's Not Radio with Pictures.
"What Am I Seeing and Why Am I Seeing It?"
Script Format.
Writing to Pictures.
Basic Story Forms.
Writing the Story.

10. Writing for Public Relations.

Writing Goals.
The Reader-Friendly Approach to Writing.
The Planning Process.
The Writing Process.
The Evaluation Process.

11. Public Relations for External and Internal Audiences.

Reaching External Audiences.
Reaching Internal Audiences.
New Technologies.

12. Introduction to Advertising Copywriting.

The Basics of Good Copy.
How and Why Advertising Copy Works.
Understanding Advertising Appeals.
Understanding the Limitations of Advertising.
What the Writer Brings to the Ad.
Understanding Criticisms of Advertising Copy.
Bad Copywriting Can Harm Products.
Good Copywriting Elements.

13. Writing Advertising Copy.

Writing Print Advertising.
Writing Broadcast Advertising.
Outdoor Advertising.

14. Broadcast Promotions.

Spot Promotion.
Putting It All Together.
Cable and Satellite-Delivered Systems.

15. The Legal Aspects of Writing.

The First Amendment.
Freedom of Information Act.
Legal Terminology.

Appendix A: Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.
Appendix B: Review of Grammar Fundamentals.