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Maternal Newborn Nursing - With CD

Maternal Newborn Nursing - With CD - 10 edition

Maternal Newborn Nursing - With CD - 10 edition

ISBN13: 9780803617544

ISBN10: 0803617542

Maternal Newborn Nursing - With CD by Linda Chapman - ISBN 9780803617544
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 10
Copyright: 2010
Publisher: F. A. Davis Co.
International: No
Maternal Newborn Nursing - With CD by Linda Chapman - ISBN 9780803617544

ISBN13: 9780803617544

ISBN10: 0803617542

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 10

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This is a better way to learn maternal and newborn nursing! This unique multi-media package presents tightly focused coverage in a highly structured book of 500 pages plus 10 hours of recorded content. All of the field's must-have information is delivered in an easy-to-grasp, visually clear and precise print design, while the digital audio files on the enclosed CD enable students to download the material to their MP3 players or listen at their computers. This title delivers the critical-to-know content in two ways - in print and as digital audio files. It lets students download the audio files to listen to their text anytime, anywhere. It features a biopsychosocial approach which encompasses physiology, psychological adaptation, and social and cultural influences on childbearing, and emphasizes nursing implications and care of patients and families. It meets the challenge of limited course time by efficiently organizing information in bulleted lists, flow charts, diagrams, tables, clinical pathways, and concept maps. It introduces two unfolding case studies in unit 2, one low-risk, one high-risk that are further developed in subsequent chapters through Tying It All Together boxes, which summarize the key elements in each chapter. It offers a unique chapter on intrapartum and postpartum nursing care of families experiencing cesarean birth. It uses pedagogical tools to organize and highlight important concepts including: unit and chapter objectives; key terms; nursing diagnoses and nursing outcomes; critical component boxes; cultural considerations boxes; medications boxes; concept maps; evidence-based practice guidelines boxes in all chapters related to nursing care; clinical pathways; standards of care and position statements; care plans; NCLEX questions; and, glossary. It includes a wealth of useful appendices.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Maternity Nursing Overview

1. Trends and Issues
2. Ethics and Standards of Practice Issues

2. Antepartal Period

1. Genetics, Conception, Fetal Development, and Reproductive Technology
2. Physiological Aspects of Antepartum Care
3. Psycho-Social-Cultural Aspects of the Antepartum Period
4. Antepartal Tests
5. High-Risk Antepartum Nursing Care

3. Intrapartal Period

1. Intrapartum Assessment and Interventions
2. Fetal Heart Rate Assessment
3. High-Risk Labor and Birth
4. Intrapartum and Postpartum Care of the Cesarean Birth Families

4. Postpartal Period

1. Postpartum Physiological Assessments and Nursing Care
2. Transition to Parenthood
3. High-Risk Postpartum Nursing Care

5. Neonatal Period

1. Physiological and Behavioral Responses of the Neonate
2. Discharge Planning and Teaching
3. High-Risk Neonatal Nursing Care

Answers to Chapter Review Questions


1. WHONN Quick Care Guide for Neonatal Skin Care
2. AWHONN Quick Guide to Breastfeeding
3. Laboratory Values
4. Conversions, Temperature Equivalents, Pounds to Ounces
5. Cervical Dilation Chart


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