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Maternity, Neonatal, and Women's Health Nursing and CD-ROM

Maternity, Neonatal, and Women's Health Nursing and CD-ROM - 02 edition

Maternity, Neonatal, and Women's Health Nursing and CD-ROM - 02 edition

ISBN13: 9780766801219

ISBN10: 0766801217

Maternity, Neonatal, and Women
Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 02
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Delmar Publications
International: No
Maternity, Neonatal, and Women

ISBN13: 9780766801219

ISBN10: 0766801217

Cover type: Hardback
Edition: 02

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A departure from the "medical model", this book emphasizes client education, shifting delivery of care, and a collaborative approach. The text's integrated, holistic perspective incorporates detailed core content in pathophysiology, normal and high-risk pregnancy, and women's health across the life-span within a framework of biological, psychosocial, cultural, and environmental theory.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit I: Foundations of Nursing Care.

Chapter 1 Nursing in the Contemporary Health Care System.
Chapter 2 Issues in Maternal, Neonatal, and Women's Health.
Chapter 3 Theoretical Perspectives on the Family.
Chapter 4 Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Women's Health.
Chapter 5 Ethics, Laws, and Standards of Care.
Chapter 6 Home Visiting Programs and Perinatal Nursing .

Unit II: Health Care of Women.

Chapter 7 Development of Women Across the Life Span.
Chapter 8. Nutrition and Lifestyles for Women Across the Life Span.
Chapter 9. Health Care Issues for Women Across the Life Span.
Chapter 10 Women's Health Conditions.
Chapter 11 Violence and Abuse.

Unit III: Human Sexuality Across the Life Span.

Chapter 12 Sexual and Reproductive Function.
Chapter 13 Genetics and Genetic Counseling.
Chapter 14. Family Planning.

Unit IV: Pregnancy.

Chapter 15. Normal Pregnancy
Chapter 16. Management and Nursing Care of the Pregnant Woman.
Chapter 17. Childbirth Preparation and Perinatal Education.
Chapter 18 Management and Nursing Care of the High-Risk Client.
Chapter 19. Pregnancy in Special Populations.

Unit V: Assessment of Fetal Well-Being.

Chapter 20. Fetal Development.
Chapter 21. Environmental Risks Affecting Fetal Well-Being.
Chapter 22. Evaluation of Fetal Well-Being.

Unit VI: Childbirth.

Chapter 23 Processes of Labor and Delivery.
Chapter 24. Analgesia and Anesthesia in Labor and Delivery
Chapter 25. Intrapartum Nursing Care.
Chapter 26. High-Risk Births and Obstetric Emergencies
Chapter 27. Birth and the Family.

Unit VII: Postpartum Health and Nursing Care

Chapter 28. Normal Postpartum Nursing Care.
Chapter 29. Postpartum Family Adjustment
Chapter 30. Lactation and Nursing Support.

Unit VIII: Newborn Development and Nursing Care.

Chapter 31. Physiological and Behavioral Transition to Extrauterine Life.
Chapter 32. Assessment and Care of the Normal Newborn.
Chapter 33. Newborn Nutrition.
Chapter 34. Newborns at Risk Related to Birth Weight and to Premature Delivery
Chapter 35. Newborns at Risk Related to Congenital and Acquired Conditions.
Chapter 36. Developmental Care of the Infant at Risk

UNIT IX: Special Considerations.

Chapter 37. Grief and the Family in the Perinatal Experience
Chapter 38. Community and Home Care Nursing for the High-Risk Infant