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Maternity Nursing : An Introductory Text

Maternity Nursing : An Introductory Text - 9th edition

Maternity Nursing : An Introductory Text - 9th edition

ISBN13: 9780721604787

ISBN10: 0721604781

Maternity Nursing : An Introductory Text by Gloria Leifer and Arlene Burroughs - ISBN 9780721604787
Edition: 9TH 05
Copyright: 2005
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
International: No
Maternity Nursing : An Introductory Text by Gloria Leifer and Arlene Burroughs - ISBN 9780721604787

ISBN13: 9780721604787

ISBN10: 0721604781

Edition: 9TH 05

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Now part of the popular LPN Threads series, this text provides essential content for a solid foundation in maternity nursing. Its easy-to-follow body system approach progresses along a continuum from conception to adulthood, emphasizing prevention, early recognition, antepartum care, and the family.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Unit One: Social and Family Dynamics

1. Contemporary Maternity Care, Family, and Cultural Considerations

2. Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

Unit Two: Development of the Fetus

3. Fetal Development

Unit Three: Pregnancy

4. Physiologic and Psychologic Changes During Pregnancy

5. Health Care During Pregnancy

6. Assessment of Fetal Health

Unit Four: Labor and Birth

7. Process of Normal Labor

8. Nursing Care During Labor and Pain Management

Unit Five: The Newborn Infant

9. Physiologic Adaptation of the Newborn to Birth

10. Nursing Assessment of the Newborn

11. Nursing Care of the Newborn

12. Infant Feeding

Unit Six: Postpartum Period

13. Postpartum Assessment and Nursing Care

Unit Seven: Complications of Childbearing

14. Health Problems Complicating Pregnancy

15. Complications of Labor and Birth

16. Newborn Infant at Risk: Conditions Associated with Gestational Age and Development

17. Newborn Infant at Risk: Disorders of the Newborn

18. Postpartum Complications

Unit Eight: Community-Based Care

19. Nursing Care in the Community

Unit Nine: Other Reproductive Issues

20. Family Planning and Infertility

21. Adolescent Childbearing and Parenting

22. Women's Health Issues

23. Complementary and Alternative Therapies


A. Guidelines for Isolation Precautions in Hospitals (Standard Precautions) and Transmission-Based Precautions
B. NANDA Nursing Diagnoses
C. Conversion Tables
D. Selected Maternal/Newborn Laboratory Values
E. Transfer of Drugs and Other Chemicals into Breast Milk
F. Spanish-English Pronunciation Words and Phrases to Assist Nurses in Maternal/Infant Care
G. Common Abbreviations in Maternal/Newborn and Women's Health Nursing