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McGraw-Hill College Handbook

McGraw-Hill College Handbook - 4th edition

McGraw-Hill College Handbook - 4th edition

ISBN13: 9780070404816

ISBN10: 007040481X

McGraw-Hill College Handbook by Richard C. Marius and Harvey S. Wiener - ISBN 9780070404816
Edition: 4TH 94
Copyright: 1994
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company
International: No
McGraw-Hill College Handbook by Richard C. Marius and Harvey S. Wiener - ISBN 9780070404816

ISBN13: 9780070404816

ISBN10: 007040481X

Edition: 4TH 94

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The fourth edition of this acclaimed handbook continues to offer both a comprehensive reference to stylistic principles and rules and an accessible guide to the full writing process. Written by two highly regarded writers both in academia and the popular press, the revision features interdisciplinary examples and exercises and provides coverage of special topics such as writing about literature, argumentation, business writing, and writing in-class essays. With the new edition comes an extensive new chapter on writing in the disciplines and expanded coverage of the research paper that includes sample papers in both MLA and APA formats. In addition, the first four chapters on the writing process now incorporate greater emphasis on the documented essay.

Author Bio

Marius, Richard : Harvard University

Wiener, Harvey S. : Marymount Manhattan College

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Book One: The Writing Process.
Part One: Writing Essays And Paragraphs

1. Planning a Paper
2. Writing and Revising a Paper
3. Writing Strong Paragraphs.

Part Two: Writing Clear And Effective Sentences

4. Basic Sentence Structure
5. Sentence Logic
6. Coordination, Subordination, Parallelism
7. Emphasis and Variety.

Part Three: Using Words Effectivel

8. Choosing Tone and Diction
9. Using Imagery and Figurative Language.
10. Making Every Word Count.
11. Avoiding Bias.
12. Using a Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Book Two: Usage Rules And Options.
Part Four: Understanding Grammar And Writing Correct Sentences.

13. Correcting Run-ons and Comma Splices.
14. Correcting Sentence Fragments.
15. Making Subject and Verb Agree.
16. Using Verb Forms Correctly.
17. Using Pronouns Correctly.
18. Adjective and Adverb Modifiers.
19. Avoiding Misplaced Modifiers.
20. Avoiding Confusing Shifts.

Part Five: Understanding Punctuation.

21. Selecting End Marks.
22. Using Commas.
23. Using Semicolons.
24. Using Apostrophes.
25. Using Quotation Marks.
26. Other Marks of Punctuation.

Part Six: Understanding Mechanics.

27. Improving Spelling.
28. Capitalizing Correctly.
29. Using Numbers and Abbreviations.
30. Using Italics.

Book Three: Special Writing Tasks.
Part Seven: Writing A Research Paper.

31. Starting a Research Project.
32. Planning a Research Paper.
33. Citing and Documenting Sources.
34. Developing, Writing, and Revising a Research Paper.

Part Eight: Other Writing Tasks.

35. Writing Logical Arguments.
36. Writing About Literature.
37. Writing Across the Curriculum.
38. Writing in the Work Place.
39. Improving Study Techniques.
40. Writing an Essay Exam.
41. Using a Word Processor ESL Appendix

Glossary of Usage
Glossary of Grammatical Terms