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Medical Physiology

Medical Physiology - 03 edition

Medical Physiology - 03 edition

ISBN13: 9780721632568

ISBN10: 0721632564

Medical Physiology by Walter F. Boron and Emile L. Boulpaep - ISBN 9780721632568
Edition: 03
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co.
International: No
Medical Physiology by Walter F. Boron and Emile L. Boulpaep - ISBN 9780721632568

ISBN13: 9780721632568

ISBN10: 0721632564

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Medical Physiology firmly relates molecular and cellular biology to the study of human physiology and disease. Leading physiologists present you with practical, accurate coverage, continually comphasizing the clinical implications of the material.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

1. Foundations of Physiology

II. Physiology of Cells and Molecules

2. Functional Organization of the Cell

3. The Physiology of Membranes
4. Signal Transduction
5. Regulation of Gene Expression
6. Electrophysiology of the Cell Membrane
7. Electrical Excitability and Action Potentials
8. Synaptic Transmission and Neuromuscular Junction
9. Cellular Physiology of Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth Muscle

III. The Cellular Physiology of the Nervous System

10. Organization of the Nervous System
11. Physiology of Neurons
12. Synaptic Transmission in the Nervous System
13. Sensory Transduction
14. Neuronal Circuits
15. The Autonomic Nervous System
16. The Neuronal Microenvironment: Cerebrospinal Fluid, Blood-Brain Barrier and Glial Cells

IV. The Cardiovascular System

17. Organization of the Cardiovascular System
18. Arteries and Veins
19. The Microcirculation
20. Cardiac Electrophysiology and the Electrocardiogram
21. The Heart as a Pump
22. Regulation of Arterial Pressure and Cardiac Output
23. Special Circulations
24. Integrated Control of the Cardiovascular System

V. The Respiratory System

25. Organization of the Respiratory System
26. Mechanics of Respiration
27. Acid-Base Physiology
28. The Transport of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the Blood
29. Gas Exchange in the Lungs
30. Ventilation and Perfusion of the Lungs
31. Regulation of Respiration

VI. The Urinary System

32. Organization of the Urinary System
33. Glomerular Filtration and Renal Blood Flow
34. Transport of Sodium and Chloride
35. Transport of Urea, Glucose, Phosphate, Calcium, Magnesium, and Organic Solutes by the Tubules 36. Transport of Potassium by the Tubules
37. Urine Concentration and Dilution
38. Transport of Acids and Bases by the Tubules
39. Integration of Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

VII. The Gastrointestinal System

40. Organization of the Gastrointestinal System
41. Gastric Function
42. Pancreatic and Salivary Glands
43. Hepatobiliary Function
44. Intestinal Fluid and Electrolyte Management
45. Nutrient Digestion and Absorption

VIII. The Endocrine System

46. Organization of Endocrine Control
47. The Endocrine Regulation of Growth
48. The Thyroid Gland
49. The Adrenal Gland
50. The Endocrine Pancreas
51. The Parathyroid Glands and Vitamin D

IX. The Reproductive System

52. Sexual Differentiation
53. The Male Reproductive System
54. The Female Reproductive System
55. Fertilization, Pregnancy, and Lactation
56. Fetal and Neonatal Physiology

X. The Physiology of Everyday Life

57. Metabolism and Nutrition
58. Regulation of Body Temperature
59. Exercise Physiology and Sports Science
60. Environmental Physiology: Diving, Altitude and Space

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Medical Physiology by Walter F. Boron - ISBN 9781416031154